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Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is any unwanted action or language of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment may include jokes, comments, and or sexual advances, also asks for sexual favors, that make's you feel uncomfortable is sexual harassment. Basically anything of a sexual nature that makes you feel uncomfortable . There are two types of sexual harassment quid pro quo which is something for something, and hostile environment which is jokes, comments, and innuendos. With all sexual harassment there are problems and solutions.

Quid pro quo occurs when a teacher causes a student to believe that he or she must submit to unwelcome sexual conduct in order to participate in a school program or activity. It can also occur when an teacher causes a student to believe that the teacher will make an favorable educational decision based on wether or not the student submits to unwelcome sexual conduct. For example when a teacher threatens to fail a student unless the student agrees to date the teacher, it is quid pro quo harassment.

There are many instances when quid pro quo harassment happens. For example, " I'm 18 and in high school. I have this really cute math teacher.... One day he asked me to a fancy restaurant to talk about my grades. He just keep telling me how beautiful I was and asked if I could come over to his house next week...he told me it would bring up my grades. I get very bad grads in math "(Sexual harassment: It's not Academic Phamplet, 2).

A teacher to a student is just one way quid pro quo could happen at school. An example of a student to another student would be, a female student have in a difficult time, and one of her male colleagues offer to help her study at his house. When they get ready to study, the guy say's "I will help you if you have sex with me." Naturally this would make the female student would feel uncomfortable and pressured being in the guy's house. This is an example of quid pro quo. A principal goes to a teacher of the apostate sex, and says, "if you go on a date with me it could help your career", or the principal could say, "if you don't go to dinner with me it could hurt your career." This is trying to get a date for promotion. The teacher could go up to the principal and saying "I will have sex with you if you give me a promotion", she is asking for a promotion by giving sex. The class room is not the only place quid pro quo can happen it could happen with coaches and the female basketball team, the drivers education instructor, or any other extracurricular activities. Quid pro quo is not the only kind of sexual harassment there is still hostile environment harassment.

"Hostile environment harassment occurs when unwelcome sexual harassing conduct Is so severe, persistent, or pervasive that is affects a student's ability to participate in or benefit from an education program or activity, or creates an intimidating, threatening or abusive educational environment. A hostile environment can be created by a school employee, another student, or even someone visiting the school, such as a student or employee from another school."(Sexual Harassment: IT: is not Academic Phamplet, 2)

Hostile environment harassment is a lot more common then quid pro quo. Hostile environment harassment is a lot more tolerable to society. Hostile environment harassment has just been recently defined as being sexual harassment. In many cases it is student making jokes about the size of anthers privet parts, student would say thing such as, she is flat, or ,look at those hooters, indication the size of a females breasts. This kind of sexual harassment also includes jokes about on sexual prefrance, with comments such as, gay, fagot, homo, cake boy, petter puffer, and lesbian. But, jokes are not the only thing, things such as grabbing and pinching someone's breasts or butt.

"There were two or three boys touching me... and I'd tell them to stop but they wouldn't. This went on for...months. Finally I was in one of my classes when all of them came back and backed me into a corner and started touching me all over... After the class I told the principal, and he and the boys had a little talk. And after the talk was up , the boys came out laughing because they got no punishment " (Sexual Harassment: IT: is not Academic Phamplet, 2).

This is a example of a situation that hostile environment harassment took place. Girls are not the only people that can be sexual harassed. Boy's can be sexual harassed buy girls also. In June 1993 Harris Poll, commissioned by the AAUW Foundation found that 57% if boy who have been harassed have been target by a girl, 35%by a group of girls. Boys get sexual harassed by comments of the size of there private parts, jokes about their sexual experience, being called, gay, and unwanted grabbing of their butts. But boys are less likely to say that the behaviors are unwanted or unwelcome because of social and cultural pressures. Hostile environment harassment can happen any where that there are people, that is the bad thing about this. And almost everybody does it, wether they realize it or not. Sense sexual harassment is so common there are many problems, which are involved.

Sexual harassment can occur at any school activity and can take place in classrooms, halls, cafeterias, dormitories and other areas. Too often, the behavior is allowed to continue simply because students ans employees are not informed about what sexual harassment is or how to stop it. Students, parents and school staff must be able to recognize sexual harassment, and understand what they can do to prevent it form occurring and how to stop it if it does occur.

Harassing behavior, if ignored or not reported, is likely to continue and become worse, rather than go away. The impact of sexual harassment on a student's educational progress and attainment of future goals can be significant and should not be underestimated. As a result of sexual harassment, a student may, for example. Have trouble learning, drop a class or drop out of school altogether, lose trust in school officials, become isolated, fear for personal safety, or lose self-esteem.

For these reasons, a school should not accept, tolerate or overlook sexual harassment. A school should not excuse the harassment with an attitude of "that's just emerging adolescent sexuality" to " boys will be boys<' or ignore it for fear of damaging a professor's reputation. This does nothing to stop the sexual harassment and can even send a message that such conduct is accepted or tolerated by the school. When a school makes it clear that sexual harassment will not be tolerated, trains its staff, and appropriately responds when harassment occurs, students will see the school as a safe place where everyone can learn.

"Title IX protect students from unlawful sexual harassment in all of a school programs or activities, whether they take place in the facilities of the school, on a school bus, at a class or training program sponsored by the school at another location, or elsewhere. Title IX protect both male and female students form sexual harassment, regardless of who the harasser is"(Sexual harassment:It's Not Academic Phamplet,2).

Under federal law, a school is required to have a policy against sex discrimination and notify employees, students, and elementary and secondary school parents of he policy. A policy against sex discrimination , particularly one that specifically addresses sexual harassment, is an extremely important method for preventing sexual harassment. Such a policy lets students, parents, and employees know that sexual harassment will not br tolerated (Sexual harassment : It's Not Academic Phamplet, 2).

A school is also required to adopt and publish grievance procedures for resoling sex discrimination complaints, including complaints of sexual harassment complaints. Finally, a school is required to have at least one employee responsible for coordinating efforts to comply with Title IX (Sexual harassment : It's Not Academic Phamplet, 2).

Both school officials and parents should encourage students to speak out and complain about unwelcome sexual conduct-- to the harasser, to a school employee, or to a parent.

Most of the literature on sexual harassment focuses on peer-to -peer harassment, possibly because there is so much of it. Sexual harassment by peers is pervasive in schools. AAUW's survey, "Hostile Hallways," found that 85 percent of girls and 76 percent of boys experience sexual harassment during their school years. The harassment happens in the hallways (66%), in a classroom (50%), on the school grounds (43%), in the cafeteria (34%), on the school bus (26%). In the parking lot, (23%), and int the locker rooms (19%).(Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment, sexual harassment in schools).

Nearly one in three girls reported that these were unwanted sexual advances, as compared to one in five boys. The problem, researchers concluded, was a " climate of tolerance" for sexual harassment in schools. Sexual harassment is often treated as " Typical adolescent behavior" in schools and considered as a " rite of passage" for teenagers.(Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment, sexual harassment in schools).

"In the AAUW study, students gave the following excuses for engaging in sexual harassment:"(Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment, sexual harassment in schools).

It's just a part of school life/ A lot of people do it/ It's no big deal............42%

I thought the person liked it .................................................................27%

I wanted a date with the person..............................................................24%

My friends encouraged me/ My friends pushed me into doing it............18%

I wanted something form that person....................................................20%

I wanted the person to think I had some sort of power over them...........7%

Sexual harassment is a big problem that will not go away over night. People need to be learn how big of problem this is. I order to do this one must put them selves in the position of the person getting harassed. Then the children need to learn about how big of issue this is and how to avoid doing it to other people. People need to learn about both typ of sexual harassment, quad pro quo, and hostile environment.

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