Dear Journal,

It felt good to have the hard road under my feet again. Nobody thought of danger, everyone was cheerful today because it was Saturday, market day in Penrith. The overwhelming crowds gave a rather uncomfortable feeling at first, but once I reached the center of town, the narrow streets broadened and there was room for everyone on the big town squares!

Exciting strangers caught my eyes. There were acrobats, a man without any ears, a sword-swallower and lots of other people doing strange tricks. There were dozens of people laying out their food to be sold. Lots of the food looked good enough looked and smelled good enough to eat but some was very strange-looking. I did not bother to taste anything, though.

Suddenly, the smell of mutton and the sound of a beating drum led me to a short, stalky man. After a few minutes, he stopped beating the drum and announced in a clear voice that the famous London play called "King Richard the Third" was to be put on in the inn yard. I decided it would be nice to rest for a little while and watch the play. So, I paid a penny for admission, another one for a stool to sit on and another for hot mutton on a stick. I was thankful to have something cooked; my first cooked meal in a long time. The mutton was so good that I was even tempted to lick my fingers!

When I was finishing off my snack, I spotted something that made my stomach turn upside-down: it was Sir Philip. Without a thought, I jumped up and ran away. When I was out of breath, I found myself in the actor's dressing room, hearing Sir Philip's voice behind. In front of me lay a coffin, so I jumped in. In no time, I heard Sir Philip telling one of the actors that he insisted on searching that room. -Peter

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