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So many people running out of the building screaming. Some with tears pouring down their faces. Everyone had a bewildered indescribable expression on their face.

"Help us!" Yelled a woman from the top floor of the ten story apartment building. A hand reached out the window and grabbed her, dragging her back inside. She screamed as loud as she possibly could. And then a gunshot followed by a deafening scream.

The phone booths on the block were full of people calling family, friends. anyone the could, telling them to get out of the country right away.

There was nothing they could do. Our government was changing our ways. They seem to think that the change is for the better. But what do they know? They are only politicians, lying conniving nitwits.

A man holding a dead woman walked calmly out of the building. he was wearing a navy blue outfit with the letters GCP on the back. GCP. What was the GCP doing here? Certainly this can't be the GCP that's controlling the senate.

He tossed the dead woman's body on the ground with the others that had been tossed to the ground in a heap by other members of GCP.

Knowing that I alone could do nothing to stop them I hurried into the building to the third floor where my apartment and office was. I work at KPCG radio as a political reporter. The station in across the street.

The job rarely has its advantages. In this case it has spared me my life. As a reporter they have kept me alive to tell them all that I know. I over heard this when I was walking into the building.

Here it is. I pulled out and article that I found in last years PQ, Politician Quarterly.


Dan Hont, member of GCP

Last night there was a meeting of GCP in an old warehouse across town. The letters stand for Government Counsel Party. There have been rumors going around that it really stands for Government Control Party. I would like to annouce that these rumors aren't true. Even more rumors have been going around that GCP will try and take over the United States tomorrow. This is also a lie. I thank all of the GCP supporters as we run for re-election at the end of the term this year.

The article continues, but it is only about how the GCP is better than the Republicans and Democrats. Which isn't nessasary to read.

I wonder If all the things that GCP announced in the article really are true? The article is dated a year ago yesterday. Government Control Party just might be true. And what if it was? What might they be planning to do? It can't be anything like the book 1849, can it?

(to be continued...)

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