Major Aerospace Engineering Term Paper

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My intended Major is Aerospace Engineering, with my ultimate goal to become a member of the NASA Astronaut Corps.

It is a happy coincidence that as I write this essay the Shuttle Endeavor is carrying solar panels to the International Space Station. Watching the launch once again reminded me of my desire to one-day join in the exploration of space.

Since I was a small child I have been immersed in the wonders and excitement of Space exploration. My maternal Grandfather was involved in designing rocket engines and talked about his experiences with the early rocket pioneers including Von Braun. My father worked as a planetary atmospheric Geo-Physicist with JPL/NASA. Growing up in this rich environment instilled in me a love for all things "space". We watched and marveled at the space shuttle missions, the planetary flybys and the Hubbell Space Telescope photographs of distant worlds, stars and galaxies. My father had atmospheric experiments on the two Mars Landers, which really brought home to me that Space exploration is open to those who have the desire and are willing to make the commitment to excellence.

I have recently joined the US Navy and I plan to use the ROTC program scholarship to pursue my goal. I have been excepted to the Navy’s Nuclear Field Program, the highest entry-level program for enlisting recruits. This program will give me extensive hands-on experience in science and engineering, which will enhance my ability to pursue my dream of space flight.

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