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The commonwealth of Massachusetts has many different requirements for people who want to become registered land surveyors. Applicants for registration as a Land Surveyor require five references; three of these five must be from registered Land Surveyors who have seen the work of the applicant. The present supervisor should also be a reference. These references should cover the applicant’s entire surveying career.

Acceptable education for registration as a Land Surveyor with four years of experience is a degree of Bachelor of Science in Surveying or Engineering, including courses in land surveying, from an institution authorized by the Massachusetts Legislature or a degree of Bachelor of Science in Surveying or Engineering accredited by ABET (American Board of Engineering and Technology) including approved courses in land surveying. Education obtained outside of the United States may qualify if a complete description of the curriculum is presented and the Board or an agency qualified to evaluate foreign curricula finds it to be equivalent. Acceptable education for registration as a Land Surveyor with six years of experience is a degree of Bachelor of Science or Associate degree in Surveying or Civil Engineering Technology, including at least 12 credit hours in land surveying, or two years of formal education above high school level with at least 60 semester credit hours passed, 12 of which must be in land surveying courses approved by the Board.

Acceptable educations for applicants who wish to be a Surveyor-in-Training are to pass the Fundamentals Examination as well as have a Bachelor of Science Degree. An applicant having a degree in something other than surveying must have attained the required experience before receiving certification. An applicant for Surveyor-in-Training certification having an Associates Degree or 60 semester hours of acceptable education including courses in surveying approved by the Board may be certified after passing the Fundamentals Examination and attaining the required experience. Acceptable professional land surveying experience is full-time activity. Part-time land surveying work performed during full-time study at an educational institution is considered part of the educational program and is not acceptable professional experience. A graduate of four-year engineering institution taken on a daytime program, or five years for a co-operative program must obtain the necessary experience in engineering work acceptable to the Board after graduation. An applicant, who has not attended an accredited school, must have at least 12 years of practice prior to application. At least six of these years must contain experience in directing others to be able to perform surveying tasks including the applications of standard and legal principles of land surveying.



Massachusetts General Laws


250 CMR 3.00: M.G.L. c. 112, ยงยง 81D through 81T.

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