Advertising - Comparing Cost Term Paper

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The television media has a bigger advertising cost than the other media's as it provides visual images and reaches a wide range of audience. Although normal television appears to be more expensive than satellite channels such as sky 1, mabey because everyone who owns a TV can view it and not just only cable and satellite viewers. A 1 minute advert on sky 1 in the time slot of 1700- 2100 would cost £57,000. A 1 minute advert on channel four in the same slot would cost £104,000.

The radio media does not have such a high price as television but offers mediocre pricing and reaches a broadband of drivers on the way to work and people listening to the radio in general. Although the radio is not as popular as TV.

Capital radio is more expensive than most others such as Virgin. A 1 minute advert on capital in the time slot of 1700- 2100 would cost £2,400. A 1 minute advert on virgin in the same slot would cost £3,900.

Newspapers are the lowest price form of advertising you can get. Depending on how much you pay is how long they stay in the paper. You can get a fairly cheap price by putting an advert in a tabloid such as The Sun but for a higher price you can put the advert in a broad sheet such as the Telegraph.

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