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Today's society is contradictory. Society says that things like drugs, violence, and wealth are bad yet it promotes them anyway. It claims to do or believe in certain things, while it is doing the opposite. In the song "God Part II" by U2, society's hypocrisy is displayed. U2 expresses their opinions on what society says, and what it actually does when it comes to violence, wealth, and drugs.

The society of today is against violence, yet everyday people are murdered. A lyric from the song states, "Don't believe in the Uzi, it just went off in my hand" ("God Part II"). Society says that violence is bad, however it goes to war with other countries and kill thousands of people. In the song "God Part II", U2 gives an example of how society always has an excuse when it participates in what it says is bad. Society says killing is wrong; however abortion is legal and the U.S. uses capital punishment. Regarding abortion, society uses the excuse that everyone has a right to decide to give birth, and that the baby is not alive yet. Our society contradicts its views on violence by participating in what it claims to be against.

Society pretends to be generous with its money, yet it spends its money on extravagant extras such as luxury cars, expensive clothes and jewelry for itself. A lyric from the song God Part II by U2 says "Don't believe in riches, but you should see where I live" ("God Part II"). U2 uses this as an example of how society pretends not to care about or idolize the money that it devotes its live to earning. People talk about all the organizations they donate to; however, they buy expensive cars and houses that they do not need. Meanwhile, they are talking about how unimportant material things are to them, saying they "don't believe in excess" ("God Part II"). Today's society pretends it does not believe in excess. In reality, they would not be able to live their extravagant lifestyles without it.

Today's society pretends to be anti-drug. Meanwhile the adult's children are doing drugs and drinking alcohol. Furthermore, the adults are smoking and drinking. In the song "God Part II" the lyrics state, "Don't believe in cocaine Got a speed-ball in my head"("God Part II"). This is an example of the way society is when it comes to drugs. Society tries to tell the children that drugs are bad, while the children watch society using drugs themselves, "papas caught ya smokin man he says no way, that hypocrite smokes two packs a day"("fight for your right"). Mike D, of the Beastie Boys, explains how society sets rules that it refuses to follow. Society's views on drugs are very different than the anti-drug views it claims to have.

The song "God Part II" by U2 is a perfect example of society. U2 describes how society contradicts itself and comes up with excuses for those actions. Society is violent, it spends large amounts of money on unnecessary luxury items, and uses drugs and other controlled substances. Meanwhile it claims to be against violence, excess wealth, and drugs. The song "God Part II" portraits the hypocrisy of society today.

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