"Junk Is A Way Of Life" Term Paper

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"Junk is a way of life" is very true if you really think about it. Before I was introduced to

any of Burroughs writings, I always had no pity for drug addicts. Honestly, I thought

they were pathetic and they did it to themselves so they should suffer the consequences. I

now realize that in the beginning, people do have the choice. That much is their fault.

But once they are addicted, they can no longer control themselves.

"Junk is a way of life" simply means that once you become a junky you are a junky.

It is extremely difficult to just say one day, " O.K..... I don't want to do drugs anymore". It

takes over your mind and body, and it seems like you no longer have control of your

actions. You do what you need to get what you need.

Your entire life soon revolves around drugs, when you need them and how to get

them. Somehow you turned into a junky. It is now your life, and its very difficult to

accomplish anything because of your strong desire for the junk. Junk has now become

your way of life.

The facts of "general validity" are simply the experience you gain when you are a

junky. You learn what happens to you when your addicted. You learn that if you do a

and b, your bound to get c. Or if you do drugs, your bound to at some point become

addicted, without you even realizing it. And once you are it's extremely tedious to get out

of the habit.

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