We Are The Future Lets Make It Drug Free Term Paper

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We Are The Future Lets Make It Drug Free

In the United States everybody is forced to make the decision Should I use drugs? Drugs are an intensely growing problem in our world today. They are incredibly harmful to ones body and is one of the leading causes of death in the United States of America. For this reason, we should stop the distributing and use of drugs in the United States. We are the future lets make it drug free.

We as young people have the ability do make the future however we want it to be if we just put our minds together and work hard. Drugs are one of the problems that I do not want in my future. The most famous legal drug is a cigarette. Smoking cigarettes is the cause for approximately one-fifth of all deaths. Cigarette smoke delivers more than 40 cancer-causing chemicals and over 4,000 tiny amounts of poison though out your body. The carbon monoxide you inhale from the tobacco smoke replaces the oxygen in the blood cells leaving the brain, lungs, and the rest of your body robbed from oxygen. Cigarettes is not the only drug problem, there are many other kinds of drugs even harder drugs.

The harder drugs are the illegal, black marketed drugs. Cocaine is one of the more famous illegal drugs. Cocaine acts on the brain and makes it crave the drug. The cocaine affects the user s judgement. Large doses can make the user extremely paranoid while making them aggressive and violent. Cocaine can cause cardiac arrest or seizures followed by respiratory arrest.

The way we get rid of drugs so we the young people can be in a drug free world is by making sever punishments. If we have sever punishments people will be too scared to get caught using drugs. If they do get caught the punishment should be life in prison. With them in prison they will not be in contact with drugs and it will bring down the number of drug users.

Right now we have to work on how to keep the kids from going into drugs. We the young people have to get out and talk to kids about staying off drugs. Its better for the young adults to talk to them rather then the older adults because the kids look up to the young adults more. They think the adults are old people that talk for a long time. If we make talking to them a fun and exciting the kids are more likely to listen. With them listening they will remember what we said and take that with them their whole life.

Drugs are an immense problem that we have to solve in order to make this place a better living environment. We have to make it drug free so when its our time to be leaders we can make the world the way we want it to be without the problem of drugs. Drugs are very dangerous and should be thought about before taking. They ruin you and the people who love you. As my English teacher Mrs. Baylor says, Don t be a user because users become losers. We are the future and we can make however we want it to be.

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