End The Bogus War On Drugs Term Paper

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End the Bogus War on Drugs!! This site is dedicated to battling one of the biggest scams of the last 20years - the bogus "war on drugs". The so called "war on drugs" has made ourcommunities more dangerous by giving gangsters a commodity to sell fortremendous profits. This has made our communities more violent - not lessviolent. It has allowed the police to create a virtual police state in urbanminority communities which has eroded the civil rights of citizens more andmore each year that passes. It has helped to criminalize a generation of urbanyouth. It has also ruined the lives of human beings that have been sent toprison for many years for simply using drugs. Whats more there is tremendousevidence that the CIA may have supervised and allowed much of the CrackCocaine epidemic in order to allow their secret war efforts to continue in CentralAmerica. Currently the U. S. government spends millions on so called war on drugsweapons which are sent to repressive governments around the world. Theseweapons are often used to stop national liberation or democratic movements. Some of this funding is going for CIA manipulation and terror against thepoor and struggling forces of change around the world. There is ampleevidence that the CIA has been heavily involved in drug trafficking over theyears to support their less than legal agendas.

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