Drugs In Sports Term Paper

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Drugs in sports has become a more common event than in recent years. Drug enhancers used by proffesionals are dangerous. These proffesionals are setting examples for kids today that drugs are good and they are not.

Mark McGwire is a huge celebrity with his record breaking home run season last year. Mark was caught using a drug enhancer. This is the type of message these proffesionals send to these kids who Amire and idolize these people who in their eyes are heroes.

Sports organizations all over the world are setting standards for pro sports athletes on how they can't use drug enhancers. This is met with conflict but it should not be used to enhance human performance. Sports should be about Raw talent now about what kind of drug you are using.

Drugs in sports is a serious issue that should be met with harsh fines and consequences. these players are role models and should act like responsible adults

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