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I feel very good about the DARE program because it helps people to know what drugs can do to you and ways to say no to people that offer you drugs and alcohol. It also tells people that drugs don’t really make you look cool especially what it does to your teeth, that doesn’t look too cool. And cigarette ads don’t tell you that they are addictive or that every puff takes seven seconds away from your life, that is why most people that smoke have shorter lives, but the DARE program tells you that kind of stuff. That’s why the DARE program is a good program, it teaches you the things that will happen to you if you try drugs.

What I have learned in DARE that could help me stay drug-free and avoid violence is to never get drugs or alcohol into my system because of what would happen to me like my brain cells being killed, having a shorter life, hard time breathing, and making everything in my body work a lot faster than it’s supposed to. A good way to avoid major violence is staying away from drugs, alcohol, and street gangs.

Why I think it is important to stay drug-free and avoid violence is because once drugs get into you it will screw up your whole body, make you think slower, and again, a shorter lifetime. People think that doing drugs relaxes you and stuff like that but it doesn’t really calm you down it might look like that from the outside but in the inside everything is working about three times as fast as it is supposed to. It is important to avoid violence is because if you get too violent you might get shot or shoot somebody and get put away in jail.

I have had a very fun time in DARE learning of what drugs and alcohol can do to me to help me stay drug-free.

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