Go Ask Alice Term Paper

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Go Ask AliceThis book is a diary of a girl named Alice, and she goes to her Grandma's house for the summer and she finds some friends (which she doesn't have many of at home) who are involved with drugs. She goes to a sleepover with these friends and she plays something like "button button, who gots the button", except the button was a hit of LSD. Sheliked it alot, and continues to do LSD and other drugs. She starts to push drugs, and she finds herself running away quite a few times, and she sells drugs and finds drugs where she goes. She wants to quit, but she never could, or could never keep it up. She usually went west to California, or Seattle. In California, she and a friend set up a store, but after a while, they both got really home sick and came home. She loved her family so much, that she ended up giving up the drugs, and she stayed clean. It was a long and hard trial, but she wanted it so bad, that she stopped. I found this book very interesting, because it is real. It was emotional, and it is a story that could happen to anyone. I gave it

a 9 on a scale of one to ten. by ZimZum@nirvanafan.com

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