Drugs And Achol Abuse Term Paper

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I __________ promise to say no to drugs, and stay free of all alcohol and cigarettes. I promise to my mother and father that I won t ever take any drugs of any kind. I will deny any offerings of drugs by saying no. I m sure a situation will come around in the near future where I will have to say no to drugs or alcohol. I promise to my self that I will make good decisions to keep my body clean and healthy. I think the D.A.R.E program is a great idea to teach kids about what drugs are and how to recognize drugs. It also teaches kids how harmful drugs really are! Its very important to stay drug free! Drugs can mess with your mind and cause you to do things you don t want to like robbing, stealing, hurting the people you love the most, and even sometimes killing! Drugs don t just hurt you, they also hurt the people


around you like your family and your loved ones! It only takes a second to get on drugs but takes years to get off, it can even cost you your whole life! On one hot summer day, two years ago I had to say good bye to my grandmother. She died from cancer and there is no words that can describe the way I watched her suffer and how much I do miss her. She died from bone cancer, but she was also a cigarette smoker for over twenty years. On that sad day, I silently promised her and myself that I would never pick up a cigarette. It just isn t worth it! So I promised to myself that I would never be involved or take any part in any drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or violence and I hope you do to. That this pledge is more than just words but an actual promise so that our generation can look forward to a happier, healthier and safer future. A future so bright I got to wear my shades! By __________

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