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What D.A.R.E Means To Me

Dare has prepared me to say no to drugs in eight different ways. If anyone asks me

to do drugs I will know what to do, such as- just ignoring the person or just

walking away . I know drugs are bad for and they make you do stupid things.

Dare has made me aware of the things drugs can do to you. They can destroy

your mind and body. They make you want them so badly, that you would do

stupid things to get them. Dare has taught me not to be pressured by my peers

to do something wrong, just to make them think I'm cool. As a Christian, I

know I should take good care of the healthy body God has given me. Taking

drugs is not pleasing to God. It is a sin. Everyone should have the opportunity

to attend the Dare program. It is very helpful in the fight against drugs.


Stephen Reneau

Word Count: 165

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