Descriptive Essay

I have had many experiences with many places in my past. I also know many places very well. My bathroom is the place I know the best. My bathroom is the first place I go to in the morning and one of the last places I go to at night.

There are many relationships with this place. First of all, my first encounter with this place was when I first saw the bathroom. I had just been born and was taken out of the hospital and first saw it. My parents say it was the only place that would keep me from crying. Another relationship is the position to my bedroom. It is straight down the hallway from my room and is very easily accessible at night in the dark. One more relationship I have with the bathroom is its size. It is very large and that makes it private and comfortable.

My bathroom makes me have many different emotions. One emotion I feel is relaxed. I feel relaxed because it is so big, has only one window, and is very quiet. It also makes me feel refreshed after leaving the enormous bathroom. This place also makes me feel clean after leaving. It makes me feel clean because of its sink and shower area. That is why my bathroom has many emotional effects on me.

There are many places in my bathroom that can be described in better detail. One area is he sink and vanity area. This area, from top to bottom, has a large mirror, a white countertop with an embedded sink, and under the sink is a towel storage area. The mirror is 5 feet long and is divided into 3 sections; two are compartments to hold toothpaste and toothbrushes, and the other is a regular mirror. On the white counter, there is nothing but the pearly sink that is embedded into the counter top. It has chrome handles and a chrome waterspout. Under the counter is the towel cabinet. There are four ridged, wooden, and white doors on the front of the cabinet. The next area is the toilet area. This area has but one toilet and a toilet paper rack next to it for easy access. Across from the toilet is the gigantic tub. This area has a blue shower curtain which covers up the off-white tiles. The tub is white and has a chrome showerhead, chrome handles, and a chrome plug to take bathes. Those are most of the details of my bathroom.

All of these experiences have made me enjoy my bathroom to the fullest. This room means a lot to me since I have to clean it every week. I have been going to this bathroom to relieve myself since I was potty-trained.

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