A Biased Operation Term Paper

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A Biased Operation

In the year 2000, abortion is a household word. Whether being discussed at school or

home, it is an issue accompanied by many opinions. Today, people are Pro-Life or Pro-Choice,

and it is difficult to have a conversation about abortion without angry words or harsh opinions.

Nevertheless, abortion will continue to be a moral question.

Too often it is said abortion is killing a life. People who believe this are Pro-Life. These

people believe abortion is murder and there is no excuse for it. They also believe there are other

alternatives to having an abortion, such as having the child and raising it, or giving the child up for

adoption. Most of the Pro-Life population spread their opinions through pamphlets, magazines,

newspaper articles, or speeches. However, there are those radical people who will go as far as

bombing abortion clinics. What does killing lives prove? Ironically, most Pro-Life people also do

not believe in contraception. Birth control and abstinence are the only ways to prevent

pregnancy. However, younger married couples are not abstinent, and even though we may not

approve, teenage sexual activity does occur. Therefore, it is important to provide knowledge of

methods and uses of contraception. Until there is a hundred percent foolproof contraceptive,

unwanted pregnancies do occur.

Pro-Life believes in giving birth to the child and putting it up for adoption. Even with

closed and open adoption today, it is a sad option. Even though many children are put in loving

homes, more often than not, children are sitting in foster homes or in the adoption agency. The

child is not properly loved and has a difficult time being raised. It is far too difficult to get a black

child, and most disabled children are unwanted. Unfortunately, these children grow up very

unhappy, hardened from lack of touch and lack of love.

One would think slavery had ended in the late 1800 s. However, there are far too many

mentally disturbed people who believe children are their property to do with as they please. They

refuse to put their children into an adoption agency. These children suffer from malnutrition, and

many are battered. Sadly, these children rarely have the opportunity to complete an education.

They have no future because of control. They were purely unwanted and unwelcomed.

If abortion were illegal, people would hate to see their peers not continue their high school

education. Raising a child and affecting their future should not be a punishment. Making a

person responsible for a child for the next eighteen years is not justice. To err is human. Second

chances are granted: Rapists and murderers get out of jail everyday. Why should a woman not

have a fresh start also?

Pro-Choice people believe in a woman s right to choose. A woman has the right to make

decisions about her body without being persuaded or dissuaded as to what she wants to do.

Fifty-five million times a year, a woman is saved. Saved meaning not necessarily just from death

but from potentially harming her child, from possibly not continuing any education program she is

in, from an abusive husband, from debt, or from an eighteen year responsibility. Pregnancy can

sometimes be a matter of life or death. Suppose the mother-to-be has aids. Giving birth to her

child could possibly pass the aids virus to the newborn. Or, carrying pregnancy to term could

danger the life of the mother due to her health problems. The woman s life has precedence over

the fetus s. The fetus does not yet walk, talk, run, jump, play, or move. However. the woman

does. Therefore, in these situations, abortion is a must regardless of being Pro-Life or


Take a female desperate to have her pregnancy terminated. If denied a medical one, she

will seek an illegal one, such as many cases in other countries. Many womens deaths could be

prevented if abortion was made legal. However, there are still people who are not financially able

to pay for an abortion and will still seek an illegal one, or try to give herself a miscarriage. If the

attempt for a miscarriage fails, her child may suffer serious health and/or mental problems. Is this

what Pro-Life is?

Rape victims may have a difficult time giving birth to a child if it were conceived by the

aggressor. These women understandably seek an abortion. In many other countries, women see

their child and are constantly reminded of the horrible event that occurred in their lives. Rape is

torture enough.

Although many religions condemn abortion, God does forgive. The choice should be for

the woman, by the woman. One may call God s greatest gift ourselves. This is not only how we

act, carry ourselves, or what we say. It is also taking responsibility and making the best choices

for our lives and bodies. Saving lives, Roe vs. Wade made abortion legal in the United States of

America. Without the choice over our own bodies, what do we women have? As every person is

entitled to his or her opinion, women are entitled to have their bodies. It is their person , their

body, solely their property. The Divine or any country can never take that right away from us.

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