Judy Garland Term Paper

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Judy Garland's real name was Frances Gumm. Judy and her two older

sisters changed their stage name to Garland. A year later Frances

changed her name to Judy.At age 13 a man named Louis B. Mayer was so

impressed by her voice that he sighed her on a contract for M.G.M.

Her first real screen appearance was called "Every Sunday". She also

appeared in "Pigskin Parade". She sang "Dear Mr. Gable" in "Broadway

Melody of 1938". Judy Stared in "Thorough Breds Don't Cry". Her frequent

screen Partner was Mickey Rooney.

The film that made her a world famous movie star was of course , "The

Wizard of Oz''. Her role as Dorothy made it's way into the hearts of

millions. The Wizard of Oz was famous at that time because it was one of

the first movies to be made in Technicolor's.

Judy won an Oscar as "the best juvenile performer of the year". The

role as Dorothy was at first intended for Shirley Temple.

Later in Judy's life work was getting tough for her and before long

she was living on pills.When Garland was only 21 she was seeing a

psychiatrist because of her rapid stress development.

In 1941 she married an orchestra leader David Rose. In 1943 Judy and

Rose separated and in 1945 she had her first divorce.

One of her most successful films of the period was "Meet Me in St.

Louis". After its realize, she married the films director,Vincente

Mingle. In 1946 their daughter, Liza was born. Judy had her second

divorce in 1951.

Judy Garland died of an overdose of pills and because she was a very

heavy drinker

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