The movie a thin Red Line was mainly about a battle that happened during World War II. It showed realistic examples of the combat style of the World War II, and how the Japanese fought. The movie's title was named because it was said at the beginning that there is a thin red line that divides the sane from the mad. In this movie some will earn metals others will do anything to get out of the war before they die. This movie was an excellent example of combat and face to face fighting.

At the beginning all the Americans are on a ship and waiting to reach an island. It shows a young boy named Doll; he says he has only been married for 8 days and was brought there. He sees the officers with a pistol and feels that he deserves one too. So he ends up stealing a pistol, but the sergeant catches him and says that he will keep his eye on him.

When the soldiers finally reach the island they come upon a field and it is very rainy, they move towards blua-blua, which is extremely heavily defended, and there is a swamp which is also extremely heavily defended. There main objective is to take over a cliff that some soldiers say looks like a dancing elephant, so the cliff name is " dancing elephant". This operation will cost many lives. Then 6 soldiers go and look around and they find firearms and explosives. Then Sgt. Welch shoots gun acting like Japanese and it scares them and they realize it is a booby trap so they destroy all the explosives. After this a Japanese fires a bullet at Doll and he thinks he has been hit, but realizes that he has not so he fires at the Japanese and then feels guilty for killing him and he has nightmares about this incident. This is a main point in the movie. The Sgt. Tries to help him by telling him that the Japanese man was just a hunk of meat. At night the Japanese attack and every gets in the trenches except for Doll, he stands up and everyone tells him to get down cause they think he is going to die but he survives. The next day they are in the swamp and they are moving slowly because the Japanese are hiding really good and they jump out of trees and bushes but the Americans end up killing off all the Japanese there. The only bad thing is the LT. Dies there. Then Doll runs to tell them he has found two Japanese nest and they tell him to attack them from the back but he attacks them from the front and they got really mad at Doll for not following orders. They then move to elephant cliff and Col. Calls Capt. Stone and tells him to be in Bula- Bula village by nightfall. Capt. Stone refuses and says the elephants are heavily guarded and have bobwire and Capt. Stone refuses to send men. Then Sgt. Welch thinks he can go up Mt. Cliff and scale it and throw explosives off to kill Japanese and he is successful in doing this. When the troops move through Col. Comes in because he is mad Capt. wouldn't put men through there and he asks him why did he lie. Then Col. Calls Capt. Stone into his office and tells him he is going to relieve him from his duty because he thinks he is too close to his men and that is distracting his judgment. Col. tells him he will recommend the captain for the Silver Star. At night when they think Japanese are gone they have a sort of celebration and a man dresses up like a women and goes around the camp and then the Japanese attack and the Americans are completely surprised and are not ready. At this time some Japanese men get caught on a net and Doll shoots them uncontrollably. Col. Wants the Sgt. To pull his troops out but the troops talk him into taking elephant with only 26 men. They start to move and one solider try to scale up the cliff and inside the cliff are Japanese Men. The Japs are shooting at the America but the rest of the Americans basically shoots most of the Japs but the few they don't Doll gets in there and shoots them wildly even after they are dead and everyone tries to get him to stop but he keeps shooting. When he finally does Sgt. Welch talks to him and then a Japanese solider comes in there and aims for Doll but Sgt. Welch jumps infront of the bullet and takes the bullet for Doll. Before Sgt. Welch dies he says," what the matter kid its only a hunk of meat". The end scene shows Doll and another solider dragging Sgt. Welch's body to the opening of the cliff.

This movie was basically about Doll and how he overcame his sorrowful for killing the solider at the beginning and really turned into a good solider. Such as the times Doll shot the Japanese Soldiers wildly even after they had died. Also the ending and how he killed the remaining of the Japanese Soldiers.

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