Marfan's Syndrome Term Paper

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It has been about six months since my brother has been diagnosed with Marfan

syndrome. He has always been tall for his age, but we never took it for anything more

then that. After he broke his arm in a little fall, we brought him to a doctor. After the d

The specialist performed alot of different tests on my brother. He first did an

echocardiogram, which tests the heart. The process involved bouncing sound waves

into the chest and an instrument pickes up those sound and converts them into a

picture. Th ch means that they can be broken very easily.Their spine can start to

curve, making them crouch over all the time. They can also have an abnormally

shaped chest. The least serious symptom is that the bones grow unproportionately.

After the doctor was done testing, he said he would have the results in a few days. He

told us everything that we wanted to know about the syndrome. We found out that the

only reason that my brother could be infected by the sydrome was because of one

abn The next obvious question was, how can we treat it? The doctor informed us that

as of right now there is no cure. He said that my brother would have to work out a

treatment plan that would best suit him. He explained that in general he would have to

have Seeing that my brother was not feeling to good about himself, the doctor told him

about a famous person that had the syndrome and how that person was still able to

live his life and serve his country. This man was Abraham Lincoln. He too had the

syndrome When we got home, my brother went to look on the Internet to learn as

much as he could on the syndrome. We followed behind him. We are going to have to

be behind him for the rest of his life, so we better start now.

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