Escher Term Paper

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M. c. escher


Escher was an early graphic artist. His art work were confusing pictures of mainly buildings and architecture. He was born in Leeuwarden on the 17 th of June 1898 and died in holland on the 27th of march 1972. Echer lived in Italy in 1922 and settled in Rome in 1924. He stayed in Rome for 10 years but went on many tours to such places as Calabria, Sicily, Corsica and spain. In 1934 he moved to Switzaland for 2 years and then he moved to brussles for 5 years. Then finaly in 1941 he stayed in Holland for the rest of his life.


Escher's art work was usally buildings that confused you, he also did lots of architecture. The work he did was very mind boggaling and quite imposible, an example of this imposibillityis demonstraited in the peice Ascending and Desceding where the solders just keep on walking up or down the stairs.


The men keep walking up the stairs

The men keep walking down the stairs

The waterfall is running up then falls back down to the start.

The path that is holding the water keeps going above each

path behind it.

The water fall looks as if it has past the spinning wheel but the water still lands on it.


Texture is used for the the roof of some of the buidings.

Line is used for the just about the whole picture to get the structure of the building and other things like fences etc.

Tone is used on what look to be curved roofs on some of the buildings it creates a 3 dimentional effect on them.

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