Greece Term Paper

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Greece contributed many things to our society. In Athens they had a limited democracy. This shows some basic ideas that our very similar to ours. One of many philosophers, Socrates taught us all to think for ourselves. Greece gave order in the universe through the writers, artists, and many philosophers Greeks architecture is must famous for its column style. It gave order in the universe through the writers, artists, and many philosophers.

Roman society is very prevalent in our society today. Its architecture very example includes Stadiums and temples, using Greek columns. Roman art also is seen here today. They invented portraits in stone or coin, much like our coin money. Roman engineering was terrific. They built roads, bridges and harbors throughout the empire. Aquaducts were also a very key invention. Roman law is perhaps the most significant gift we have received from Rome. Their laws and common principles are the basis of our law system.

The Hebrews believed in one God. Today monotheism is one of the most believed ideas in the US. There laws are very simple, the Ten Commandments, this is also shown all the time, and taught in the churches.

The Egyptians have contributed many things to us. Their astronomy developed the twelve-month calendar. They also developed geometry. The arts of the Egyptians included wall paintings, statues, and carvings. Young scribes knew a wide range from medicine, algebra and geometry.

Mesopotamia added much to our society. They early people had laws to protect the powerless, such as the women and slaves. The economic life was a huge step up. They introduced coins and other means of trade. They also contributed cuneiform, one of the earliest means of writing.

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