Mystery Of The Last Red Plant People Term Paper

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The mystery of the Last Red Plant People is the

movie I picked to write on how the Native Americans

are depicted. Two increbible people wrote this

movie, T.W Timreck and William Goetzmann.This movie

entails the true historical facts and new

discoveries about the native Americans. The movie

to be precise, talks about the Seapeoples of the

northeastern refer to as scientists.

I observed and learned that Native Americans are

advanced than what society has stereotyped them to

be. Anything but advanced. The most painful part is

that this new discoveries are totally unknown to

the public and most scholars as well of the North

America prehistory. For instance not many people

know that the seafaring American tribe, the red

Paint people explored the shores of North

America7000years ago. Now this is totally new to me

and maybe to you reader. From the content of the

movie it informed me that Native Americans’ culture

is advanced and the history of archaeology.

It goes a long way to show how most media

Convey, false news because of their ignorance of

Native American.I believe that if more of such

movies are written and bought, sterotype just might


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