Michael Crichton s life

Thesis: Michael Crichton developed a passion for writing, which can be seen in his novels.

I. Childhood

A. Born October 23,1942 in Chicago.

B. Parents were, John Henderson Crichton and Zula(Miller) Crichton. Oldest of four children.

II. Growing up

A. Lived in Roslyn, New York when he was 6.

B. Was a star basketball player in high school.

C. Graduated in 1960, from Roslyn high school.

D. Decided to go to Harvard University and become a Writer.

III. Life at Harvard

A. Writing was severely criticized, had grades around a C.

B. Thought Harvard was an error.

IV. Persuing other options

A. Decided to study anthropology.

B. Became a visiting lecturer in Anthropology at Cambridge university.

C. Came back to the US and begun training as a doctor.

D. Every year he tried to quit. He didn t.

V. Writing Thrillers

A. Wrote under different names such as John lange and Jeffery Hudson.

B. The Andromeda Strain which was a best-seller and he sold it to Hollywood.

D.In 1970 he was named Medical writer of the year.

VI. Writing Novels

A. Gave up medicine and took up writing full time.

B. He has written 11 novels.

C. Often refereed as the Father of techno thriller .

D. His early works deal with preexisting literary forms.

VII. Prestige

A. His novels have been translated into 24 languages.

B. He has directed seven movies.

C. He is the creator and executive producer of the television series E.R.

D. In 1995, E.R. won 8 Emmys.

VIII. Computers

A. He is a computer expert.

B. In 1994 he won an Oscar for technical achievement.

IX. Marriage

A. Current wife is Anne-Marie Martin.

B. Daughter named Taylor.

C. He is living in New York right now and he is in his fourth marriage.

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