Animal Experimentation

Can you imagine, your beloved dog being immobilized in a stockade and having concentrated drops of Mr. Clean put in his eyes over and over, just so some scientists can see who long it will take for it to eat his eyes? Or maybe your bunny, having clumps of hair burned off while testing the acidity level of a new shampoo? It is a disgusting thought. Unfortunately this happens every day to animals all over the U.S. I am strongly against animal experimentation because the animals have no rights, they are being used because there is an overpopulation of pets, and because family pets are stolen for this purpose.

First, the animals have no say in whether they are being "tested" on, tortured, and manipulated. Humans have the choice to volunteer to give blood, be in research projects, and give their organs when they die. Animals do not have this choice. We volunteer them to have their eyes eaten, fur burned, and lives ended. We just assume that because we consider them of lesser evolution that they do not deserve the right to be treated humanely.

One of the defenses for using animals in cruel experiments is that, our pet population is so extremely out of control that we are putting them to good use. While we are at it, why don't we take all these babies being born to teen parents and use them? Our human population is way out of control also. Why stop at the babies, our schools are overcrowded, let's get rid of the older children too. That would be an easy way to solve the problem. Why are we doing this??? The solution is education, not "testing" on them because they need to get rid of them anyway. We need to educate people on spading and neutering their pets, not just let them keep coming and kill them. Just as we do not need to keep letting teen mothers get abortions but educate them on the consequences of their actions.

Many animals are being stolen from family homes and yards for the apparent purpose of purchase by companies that conduct such experiments. In Williamson county last year, 400 pets were stolen in 2 weeks time. Can you imagine that being your pets? If someone puts themselves in the position of these helpless animals, their opinion might change. These animals have no way of calling foul play.

I am extremely against animal experimentation because the animals have no rights, they are being used because the pet population is out of control, and because family pets are stolen for this purpose. We have to step back and really look at what we are doing. Our society deems it humane to steal animals, lock them in steel cages no bigger than they are until we are ready to "test" on them. When we decide we are ready to torture them, we pay people to put them in confining contraptions so that we can pour painful cleaning agents in their eyes. While we watch and wait for it to completely eat their eyes, they cannot claw at the painful solution we have dumped into their eyes. It is disgusting. I am embarrassed that I am being raised in a country that allows this kind of mistreatment to any living thing. We do not put up with child abuse, why are we allowing animal abuse?

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