How To Win The Battle Against The Animal Rights Movement

How to Win The Battle Against The Animal Rights Movement

by Russell Hillis Coronation, Alberta December 1996

If you are a pet owner, hunter, livestock owner, equestrian fan, meat eater, or use animals in any other way please read this. Keep in mind that all animal rights groups are opposed to everything you take for granted. Animals rights groups believe that NO animal should be used as a companion, as a food source, as a transportation source or any other way that is useful to humanity.

Hence, here are some tactics to use to beat the onslaught:

1. Use facts not emotion, if you use emtions you will lose

2. Know what they are saying and doing, some of their beliefs contradict the very existince of humanity.

3. Understand and know which facts they are using, which are incorrect, inaccurate and not verifiable. Be especially aware of the use of out of date information.

4. DON'T under estimate any of their actions.

5. When two or more groups are working together, find out what they disagree upon. Capitalize on their disagreements by making each group aware of their differences. Keep reminding them that they don't see eye to eye. You can do this by simply posting articles in their newsgroups, on your web page or in letters to editor of your local print media.

6. Vocalize your opposition to the animal rights movement and what it really stands for.

7. DON'T threaten, cajole, or put down animal rights activists. This turns the "fence sitters" off and we gain enemies instead of allies. Remember, "you can attract more flies with honey than you can with crap."

8. Educate the "fence sitters" that animal rights means absolutely no animals at all. This includes pets, riding horses, zoo animals etcetera. Once they understand the scope of the animal rights goal, we will gain another ally.

9. Remember every person you convince of our beliefs is a victory, every small victory will add up to total defeat of the animal rights movement.

10. Be patient, and expect a long battle. The animal rights movement won't give in easily.

11. Any time the animal rights movement gets financial assistance from a business, boycott it, ban it, embarass it.

12. Any time an entertainment personality supports the animal rights movement in any way, don't support them, they are using your money to destroy you way of life. DON'T buy, listen, or watch any of their entertainment products.

13. Don't support any entertainment offering that portrays any use of animals by humans as exploitive. This is the very message that the animal rights activists are trying to get across.

14. Remember that animal testing has brought the human race as far as we are in the medical world. Testing of this sort is stll a very necessary part of the medical community.

15. Boycott any company that tries to claim their products are not animal tested. There are two reasons for this, first any information they are using was created through real animal testing. Secondly, a human collected the information and therefore not every variable could have possibly been accounted for. What does this mean? Animal testing was done, maybe not with that product directly but it was definetly used to check it's safety and to claim otherwise is mis-leading the public.

16. DON'T react to inflammatory statements designed to entrap people into saying and doing things that are damaging to our goal.

17. Most importantly, to the animal rights activist the end justifies the means. Therefore beware of their motives at all times.

Hopefully these few points will help you and others to fend off our enemy, the animal rights activist. We should all remember that if every one respected and tolerated each persons rights to thoughts, freedom of speech, life, culture and so on, we would not have to use tactics like those above.

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