People today want everything, but that great want turns them blind and ignorant. Today people are determined to outlaw animal testing even though it has eradicated some diseases, controlled others, and saved thousands of lives. These people should look at some of these incredible factors that has come out of testing and then decide if doing away with animal testing is the right thing.

Due to the fact that it is still legal, it has helped thousands of people with diabetes. This is because one thing that has come out of these studies is insulin, a medication for diabetes. Today ten percent of all diabetics are insulin dependent and with out it they would die.

Poliomyelitis (polio) was at one time a great threat to the world. It is a disease that damages the nervous system and causes paralysis so at one time if people were to get it they would either get crippled or die. Finally in the 70’s after some studies using animals, two vaccines were created. They are the OPV, IPV, and the combination of both has made it possible to come close to the eradication of polio.

Along with all these great advances in medication certain surgery procedures have also benefited from using animals to study. Without a doubt cataract surgery has been the one to improve the most. At first there was nothing that could be done and many of the persons with cataract were going blind. Then after doctors paid attention to it and studied it, they now could perform a surgery that would cure cataract. Even though it was curable it had some flaws because the procedure was long and it took the patients a long time to recover. Now after a few years of work surgery time has shortened, surgeons can stop the

procedure at any point, recovery time has been reduced, and there is less discomfort after the surgery.

Keeping these three things in mind and many others, there is no way that animal testing should be banned. It has saved many lives, that might even be someday the life of one of these people that are on the contrary, and most importantly, most of our advances in medicine are somehow related to outcomes of studies done on animals.

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