The second event that I attended at Iowa State University was Vespers. It is an awards ceremony for the greek community here on campus. It was a formal event, which began with introductions for the night. The men and women in charge of Greek Week were announced and a few minor awards were given out. The next event for the night were two guest speakers on the subject of HIV, sex, and alcohol. The two speakers were men in there mid to late thirties, one of which having HIV. The two were friends in college and friends ever since. They started out first with a short video of the AIDS quilt, and then the man without HIV told his story how he met the other and how he reacted to his friends news. Then the man with HIV came out and told his story of his wild days of drinking and sex. Then the two talked about the stages of alcohol and how they effect judgement and views toward sex, not without making the audience laugh uncontrollably. They talked of ways to protect from contracting the disease, and how it wasn’t just a thing in the gay community. Though, all of which they talked about was a serious matter, they kept it down to earth and very humorous. After they completed, Dr. Hill came onto the stage and presented awards to Houses on Campus as well as outstanding individuals, including the Greek Man and Women of the year. It was a well planned night. The speakers were great and shortened the three hour experience with often raw humor.

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