Ancient Mathematics

Mathematics is an essential tool in today’s society. Everything we do, in one way or another revolves around some kind of math. Everything from planning out your weekly schedule to cooking dinner involves forms of math. Math is all around us but not many people know how math came to be. In this paper I will discuss the origins of Mathematics in our most ancient societies. I will also show how it evolved from simple arithmetic and counting into the most complex forms of math that exist in today’s society. The earliest forms of mathematics are found in the ancient Mesopotamian country of Babylonia and ancient Egypt around the 3rd millennium B.C. About a 1000 years later the Romans developed a decimal numeration symbol with separate symbols that represent successive powers of 10 (1, 10, 100, 1000, and so on). The Romans were the first of all societies to develop such a sophisticated form of numerals. The most amazing form of math that can be seen in ancient times is geometry and how it was used in building the great pyramids of Egypt. Mathematics is, again, very much a part of our lives and the lives of those who existed thousands of years ago. I will touch upon, in more detail the origins and development of math throughout ancient society.

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