Ancient Egypt - Info on pyramids, temples, king and queens and hieroglyphs.

Ancient Egypt's mysterious Language: Hieroglyphics - This site has a hieroglyph

translator that can tell you the meaning of an ancient message, or can translate your message

into hieroglyphs. If that link doesn't work try this one.

Ancient Egypt Think Quest - Learn about Ancient Egypt, then test your knowledge by

playing a game or completing a puzzle.

Guardian's Ancient Egypt Kid Connection - Find links to more ancient egypt

websites-includes a day of the life of Ancient Egypt, links to egyptian crafts and much more!

King Tut's Tomb - Yet another site about the famous tomb.

The Long Island Mummy Connection - Find out the scoop on our local mummy!

Pyramids - Wander through The Great Pyramid of Giza.

Take an Online Tour of Egypt - Take a look at some of the sights.

The Tomb of the Chihuahua Pharaohs - A funny look at Ancient Egypt.

Visit the Valley of Kings - Look through a modern day scrap book of a tourist.


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