Nike the Goddess of victory

Hi my name is Juan Brito I am in the sixth grade. In this project I am going to talk about a goddess of ancient Greek. This goddess is called Nike he is the goddess of victory. Nike was the personification of victory in mythology. In the poet Hesiod words Nike was the daughter of the Titan Pallas and the Oceanid Styx. Styx was the daughter of Okeanos lay in love with Pallas.Then she gave birth to Zelos and Nike. Then Okeanos gave birth to Kratos and Bia now Nike has tree siblings.

Who was Nike the goddess of victory? You may wondering who is Nike well Here I am to tell you a little bit of Nike. Nike fought on Olympian side of Zeus when they fought the titans. The Olympian won when they fought the titans. Nike had symbolized victory in many parts of ancient Greek.

Nike was popular in ancient Greek especially in the images. Nike’s name was Victoria in Roman Mythology. Nike is an Athena with wings. In his images he is shown carrying a palm branch on his hands and a wreath crown to symbolize victory. This is a paragraph on who was Nike the goddess of victory.

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