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Our product is the Hairdini magic styling wand, that is used for your hair to make French twists or buns or as they say “fashionable hairstyles.” We found the product after looking in many stores and after finally giving up. Then when we had stopped looking we found the product in our home, our mother had bought it a year ago after seeing it on television. The cost of the product was 19.99 plus shipping and handling which came to the grand total of 24.47.

The product is used to make salon hair styles in the comfort of your own home. The Hairdini is like a giant flexible hair roller. The lightweight wand is then bent into shape and covered completely with your hair. The inside of the hairdini is a wire that holds the shape you have made in place all day long and don’t even require pins. With the hairdini you also received three hair pins (just incase), a instructional video, and a instructional packet of different hair styles and how to obtain them by using the hairdini magical wand.

We believe that the hairdini magical wand will be a failure because it doesn’t really work and is more complicated then they say it will be. Also the product is not even seen on the market anymore and it has only been a year since we have purchased it. The hairdini is like other hair devices a miserable failure and will not succeed. Hairdini has only been out for a while and already can not be found and is not talked about my anyone. Hairdini is already a failure and will not redeem it self in the eyes of the consumer.

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