Group Name: Advertising Council (professional private non-profit organization)

Political Goal: Using the power of advertising the Ad Council stimulates action against the problems confronting Americans today. A private non-profit organization, the council was founded in 1942 to rally support for the war effort. The council created PSA campaigns that raised 35 billion in War bonds, encouraged the planting of 50 million Victory Gardens, and recruited over 2 million women into the workforce. For 57 years, the Ad Council has created the public service messages Americans need to hear. For example: Smokey Bear, United Negro College Fund, and numerous drunk driving prevention PSA's.

Selective Incentives and Membership Costs: With the help of volunteer ad agencies, the media, and corporation, the Ad Council conducts public service advertising campaigns in which you will help make a significant impact on. For every $1 donated, the council is able to get nearly $500 in donated media to bring the messages of dozens of non-profits helping children, to the public. Through a single gift to the council, you will help encourage parents to get involved in improving public schools, recruit highly qualified individuals for the teaching profession, and inform your neighbors about dozens of local organizations in need of volunteers.

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