Marketing 12

I feel that advertising is negative for our society 100%, there are many negative factors that would effect our society by advertising to it. By advertising to our society, people are giving out a fake image for them to follow; all the images given out are computer generated and way out of line. When they do give out the images they are making the whole society want to become like them, therefor making them want to be anorexic, or therefor turn bulimic to make themselves look more like that certain image. Advertising even affects little children, when they watch television shows they want their families to be like the ones on TV. So they may even get depressed about it, and all that may add up to make them go into depression, and all because of 30 minute program that comes on everyday showing the ideal family a.k.a. fake family . Everyone is affected by advertising; its because everything is advertised. Advertising also does promote globalization because you are giving out the same image to everyone that image is passed out to many through word of mouth, email, mail, newspapers, magazines, etc. The whole world would want to look like that certain image so marketers would get around to everyone eventually, because they know that they all want the same thing. Eventually the whole world will be skinny and gross looking and none will be different, imagine that everyone looking the same. My overall view about advertising and its affects are negative and will stay that way, until I see with my eyes that this certain image is related to reality not outer space.

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