"A University should be a place of delight, of liberty, and of learning," remarked Benjamin Disraeli, an English author, as if he had Ohio University in mind as he placed his thoughts in writing. How could Ohio University help me achieve intellectual independence and assist me in my career goals?

Being one of the finest establishments in the mid-eastern United States, Ohio University would allow me to fulfill my perfectionist ideals; I would be able to compete with the best and the brightest. Moreover, the non-academic life within a dynamic campus and with a strong sense of community would enhance the challenging courses that the university has to offer.

It is not simple to find a distinctive university with incredible resources as well as personal attention. With an average faculty-to-student ratio in all classes, I could truly have significant interaction with the professors while simultaneously retaining the knowledge I'd be acquiring. The hands-on experience with up-to-date equipment would be like a dream come true. Taking advantage of the broad spectrum of undergraduate programs, I would improve my ability to think quantitatively, solve complicated problems, and apply my knowledge to the real world.

There are three kinds of students: one who has the brain for math and sciences; one who is able to think analytically about pieces of literature and historical documents; and finally, one who understands all. I fall into the first type. Therefore, I have always been interested in the field of accounting, for it embodies my favorite subject.

While I sit in my Pre-college class my teacher writes down formulas and theories and I copy those onto my notebook with complete understanding. Then at home, I happily turn on my computer and ponder the genius of artificial intelligence. There is no way I am going to leave these beloved fields of study behind-therefore, Accounting would be perfect for me. Accounting is a major that is expected to continue experiencing growth.

By choosing accounting as a profession, I am able to contribute to the well being of the society as well as rigorously challenging my intellectual abilities. Although both frustration and jubilation will ensue as I endeavor to find creative solutions to difficult problems, my proficiency in achieving the task would leave me satisfied in life. Ohio University would help me develop a sense of how to handle myself academically, socially, and personally. My major in Accounting would allow me to dive into an ocean full of opportunities and adventures. Alive with fresh ideas waiting to be discovered, Ohio University will prepare me for life itself, helping in shaking my sense of the world by allowing me to gain the knowledge necessary to achieve my goals as I search for success and happiness.

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