PLease use the following space to make a statement about your career plans and how this scholarship would be beneficial to you.

This past year at Name of High School I placed an emphasis on excelling my knowledge in the business field, most importantly accounting. To gain as much knowledge as possible and to also gain experience, I took advanced accounting classes, and applied for a co-op job. I applied to the company name of company. After being hired I started working closely with the Accounts Receivable. By June of 1999 I will have prepared myself to take a college level Accounting course.

This scholarship is an award that will make a student/employee like me very proud. I have always attributed hard worked to any kind of success I have had. This scholarship is also a great reward for its capability to help launch my campaign at Schoolcraft College. There I will earn my associates degree in business and plan to transfer to Walsh College. I am thankful for the opportunity to apply for this scholarship, and hope you will find that I am a great candidate for the award.


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