Today I am going to be talking about accounting. There are many different

subjects that can be talked about in accounting. I am only telling you the two subjects that

I think are most important. I chose what is accounting and who uses accounting


What is Accounting? Many people might define it as hard or boring, but of course

that is wrong, so here is the right answer. Accounting is the art of organizing, maintaining,

recording, and analyzing financial activities. Accounting is generally known as the

“language of business.” The accountant translates this accounting information into

meaningful terms that are used b interested parties. They also provide information that

helps you produce goods or services as efficiently as possible to maximize profits and keep

costs low. Every organization, whether organized for profit, nonprofit, charitable,

religious, or governmental purposes requires accountants.

Accounting may be divided into three areas: (1) public accounting, (2) private

accounting, and (3) governmental accounting. The public accountant, usually an

employee of a CPA firm, is employees as an independent contractor by a business to

perform an auditing function: to review the accounting system used by the business, check

the correctness of financial statements, and give an opinion. The public accountant also

prepares income tax returns and provides management advisory services. The private

accountant, usually employees by a business, records business activities and prepares

periodic financial statements. The governmental accountant performs the same functions

as a private accountant, but is employed by a federal, state, or local governmental agency.

Who uses accounting information? Well all decision-makers need different kinds

of information to make their decisions. The more complex the decision, the more accurate

the information must be. In the world of business, accounting plays an important role in

these various decision-making processes.

So you are wondering who these individuals and groups are that use accounting?

They are as diverse as business itself. They include anyone or any group that plans to

interact with a particular business.

Individuals like us use accounting information all the time to make such decisions


Investing in the stock market

Applying for a loan to purchase a home

Evaluating potential jobs

Whether to make, buy, or rent various goods

Mangers within a business use accounting information daily to make marketing,

production, sales, research and development, and other decisions. Without the proper

accounting information these types of decisions would become very difficult, if not

impossible, to make.

Banks use accounting information to make decisions about granting loans to

individuals and companies. The loan process cannot even begin without the proper

accounting information being submitted by a company or an individual.

Government agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service, the Securities,

Exchange Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, and so on, base their regulation

enforcement and compliance on the accounting information they receive.

Not-for-profit organizations use accounting information just as profit-oriented

businesses do. This information is used in the areas of budgeting, payroll, and reporting to

outside entities.

As the economy becomes more complex, so do the transactions within a business.

As these transactions become more complex, so does the process of reporting them to

various users, and making them understandable for their decision making process.

Now you can see why I chose these two subjects. The purpose of accounting is

to provide information that you can use to increase your chance of making correct

financial decision. Also you can see that accounting is used by everyone. I hope that this

clears up any questions that anyone has had about what accounting is and who uses i

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