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Can You Use His Or Her In Formal Essays?

The problem with his and her, and all the other pronouns, is the tone of bias it brings to the paper - making it best to just not use them at all.

Famous American authors

As young a country as the United States is, it has produced literary geniuses whose influence still reflect in modern contemporary literature.

Understanding Irony

Irony is everywhere, from literature to real life. Plato used irony in his plays, as did Shakespeare. You yourself may be using it regularly.

How to analyze a poem

Reading a poem is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But even better is if you can understand and analyze poems for your literary analysis.

Elements of a short story

Every short story features five basic elements, and knowing these can enrich your reading experience and strengthen your analysis.

Rhetorical analysis

By focusing on the how and not the what, the significance of a particular literary work can be determined by an effective rhetorical analysis.

Qualities of a good teacher

Arguably the most honorable of professions, it’s not enough that a teacher knows what to teach, he must know how to teach.

How to write hint fiction

Hint fiction is a story told between in 25 words or less. The shortest is only 6 words long. Can you write a story in only 6 words?

Elements and forms of poetry

With a little knowledge on the elements and forms of poetry, along with inspiration, anyone can write a poem like Shakespeare.

Flash fiction

Novels are powerful enough, but remember that flash fiction is equally moving. Also, it doesn't demand as much time.