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Jun 21, 2018

Research paper analysis is complicated to write especially for people who have no experience in analyzing research papers. As writing a research paper is equally hard, we recommend ordering a custom research paper if you are feeling unsure about your writing skills. Writing a research article analysis may seem difficult because of the complicated parts of a research paper like the conceptual and theoretical frameworks, research methodology, and results and discussion.

These parts may come off as intimidating for inexperienced research article analysis writers especially if they are unfamiliar with the research topic. So before writing a research article analysis, one has to know its definition in order to prevent wasting time in doing the wrong thing. A student is susceptible to winging an essay or other important papers when he is crunched for time and is minding his requirements on other subjects. Because of that, knowing just what a research article analysis is and how to write one is of critical importance.

What Is A Research Article Analysis?

A research article analysis scrutinizes the claims in the research article and the evidence that supports them. The research article analysis includes a summary of the research article and it also explains briefly what the research article is all about and it discusses the significance of the research article. Of course, the one who analyzes the research article also takes note of the loopholes or flaws found in it.

The important thing to understand before writing a research article analysis is the word analysis or how to analyze because the core of this research article analysis paper is the analysis itself. When analyzing literature , news articles, or research articles, the main objective is to cover all major points of the piece that is being analyzed. In writing an analysis, one’s critical thinking skills are put to the test.

The writer has to make sure that the discussion in the paper is well-balanced and detailed. He must make sure not to leave anything out. Criticizing the material that is being analyzed is also important because critical analysis of the paper will expose weaknesses that the writer may point out in writing the research article analysis. Knowing the proper structure of a research paper analysis is just as important as knowing how to format a research paper.

The goal of a research article analysis

Writing a well-crafted research analysis takes time and needless to say, lots of research. Being confident in the knowledge you currently hold about the research topic is not enough as the writer needs more insight in order to write a proper research article analysis. As with any other paper, a research article’s goal is to inform, persuade, entertain, and motivate the reader. To do that, the writer must have sufficient knowledge about the topic and those that may possibly counter the argument presented in the research paper.

Here are the purposes of writing a research article analysis in further detail:

  1. Inform . The writer of the research article analysis must provide the reader with the knowledge that he needs to have an understanding of the research topic. That means that the research article analysis must have a clear summary along with details that will provide the reader some clarity.
  2. Persuade . A research article analysis not only aims to educate its readers but also to persuade them into looking further into a particular stance. The writer of the research article analysis must see if the author of the research article has presented enough arguments with logical reasoning in order to persuade the reader if the author did a thorough job of presenting his arguments.
  3. Entertain . A research article analysis does not have to be written in such a formal way that it prevents the reader from feeling entertained and hungry for more information. Adding a little creativity in writing a research article analysis will not hurt and will certainly help keep the readers engaged all throughout the material.
  4. Motivate . Lastly, a research article analysis must be able to motivate the reader to find out more about what they have just read. After getting them engaged and interested in the analysis, the next step is making sure that they are moved to reflect on themselves or the society or in search of further information supporting or countering the research article.

Steps To Writing A Research Article Analysis

Writing a research article analysis can be intimidating as the writer is aware that it has been written by a professional who is probably more knowledgeable than him on the subject. However, writing a research article analysis should not put that much pressure on you because you can always read up until you have a grasp of the research topic.

What everyone tends to forget is that, more often than not, the authors of research papers craft it in such a way that it can be understood by anyone reading it – even those with no background on their research topic. That is why they include parts that will make it easier for the reader to grasp the topic like including the background of the study and the glossary. If you are still finding it hard to understand, what you can do instead is read a lot on the topic and probably go as far as reading up on articles related to it.

As the one to analyze the research paper , you are responsible for ensuring that you are well-equipped and up to the task of analyzing a research paper. A research article analysis should not be rushed in order to provide a well-written and detailed discussion on the research article. To avoid feeling lost especially in uncharted territory, following the steps below may help you:

1. Prepare

Identifying the specific topic of the research paper to be analyzed is essential in preparing to write a research article analysis. When you look over the research paper, you notice that the words “human behavior” are repeated all throughout the text. And so, you conclude that the research paper must be centered around human behavior. However, knowing that is not enough in starting to prepare for the analysis as skimming the paper simply would not do.

Readers – and even those who seek to analyze the research article – often forget or purposefully ignore the title of the study because some often find this irrelevant. The thing is, the title of the research paper contains every significant variable found in its content. Upon reading and observing the title of the study, you find out that what the research paper actually focuses on is the behavior of high school students in relation to their obedience to their homeroom teachers.

Because you have observed that specific detail, you are now informed that you should be looking into other studies that focus or has the same variables as the behavior of high school students in relation to their obedience to their homeroom teachers instead of researching a broad topic like “human behavior” which may cause you to feel drowned in information you do not actually need. Preparing before starting to research is important so you will have a better grasp of the research article you will analyze.

2. Research

After knowing what the study is specifically about, the next thing you should do is research. Not every research article you will stumble upon is unfamiliar territory but learning more about it is just as important. Read the research article thoroughly and if you are unfamiliar with the topic, make sure that you read and understand the background of the study and glossary well before moving on to the more complicated parts of the research. Having knowledge on this will make it easier for you to follow through with the frameworks, research methodology, and results.

After reading the research article you should be analyzing thoroughly, research and read research articles related to the one you are analyzing. Find research articles that cover, for instance, the behavior of students or the students’ obedience. Sometimes, there is a list of related studies provided by the research article itself – read those too. Stick to related peer-reviewed articles so you can confirm if you truly understand the research article.

3. Take notes

When you are familiar with the research article you will be analyzing, you may not only tend to overlook the title of the study but you may also feel inclined not to take notes as you read the research article. Confidence is key in writing a good research article analysis but it can also be its downfall as confidence may lead you to miss information you are supposed to note.

Remember that no matter what you are writing, taking down notes is vital to creating a well-written paper. Avoid going back and forth through the research article by taking down notes as you read. Taking down notes will ensure that you will not miss any important details that you should be discussing in your research article analysis. Take the time to write down notes so you will not spend so much time looking for the information you wish to discuss.

Having an undisrupted flow of ideas as you are writing is helpful in making the research paper analysis more consistent. Keep your thoughts and notes organized. Using different colored highlighters and sticky notes will help you find the information you need faster. Taking notes on a different pad will also help in narrowing down what you want to discuss in the research article analysis.

4. Evaluate

Analyzing a research article requires careful observation of the author’s presentation of results and how they discussed it. An analysis should expose weaknesses in the paper, if any, and commend if the data is well presented. The writer of the research article analysis is allowed to agree with the claims in the research article he is analyzing but he should remember the other studies he has read upon researching.

Of course, those studies show different results. Do they all line up with the research paper you are analyzing? Are there any differences that you should take note of? Are the studies leaning towards the same direction or do the other studies present other results or suggestions? Do not rely on your own thoughts and the research article you are analyzing alone.

Seek information from other sources too. Look into other studies that say the same as the research article you are analyzing but also take the time to include some that are opposing its claims. Always remember that you are only inquiring as a reader. To add, keep in mind that you should avoid simply summarizing the research article you are supposed to analyze.

5. Compare

Upon comparing the research article you are analyzing to the different research papers you have encountered, take note of the different methodologies used in each study. Present which one you think is best to be utilized to reach the minimal margin of error. Although, you should avoid using terms like “I believe” and “I think” because you as a writer should separate your personal beliefs from the research article analysis you are writing.

After presenting which methodology you think is best, justify and clarify the weaknesses you found if the research paper you are analyzing has used the method you found in other research papers. For instance, you may take note of the number of respondents, the limitations in the locale, and the computation of data. Aside from pointing out loopholes, you will also need to discuss the strengths of the research article you are analyzing compared to the other studies you have read.

6. Recommend

After discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the research paper you are analyzing against the other research articles, you should proceed to write a recommendation on how to make it better or how future researchers should approach the topic best. Most of the time, research papers have a section called “Research Gap” or “Future Studies” or “Recommendations” so you will have an idea if your recommendation has already been covered or if your analysis is valid or not. In this section of the research paper, you may give recommendations on how to make the research article better or suggestions on what future researchers should focus on.

Elements of a research article analysis

1. Introduction

Introduce the research article you will be analyzing. Specify the title of the research article, the author(s)’s name, and the year it was published – if available. Explain briefly what the research article is all about by discussing the main ideas to make the paper easier to read. Then, identify the significance of the study before discussing your own thesis statement, vision, and ideas that are related to the research paper you are analyzing.

2. Summary

After briefly introducing the research article to be analyzed, start to summarize the research article and make sure to cover all the key information that needs to be discussed. Do not leave anything out that is crucial in your analysis. Then identify if the research methods used by the author(s) are suitable for the study or if there are better methods to be used.

3. Analysis

To start analyzing the research article, start with taking the key points one by one and present the evidence the author(s) has provided. You may also provide evidence of your own. Before presenting similar or opposing research articles, see whether the research article presented some. And if yes, mention it first before presenting what you have found in your own research. And then, talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the research article to provide the reader with a better understanding of how the author(s) constructed the research article.

4. Conclusion

Conclude the research article analysis by presenting your recommendations on how to make the research article better and lessen its weaknesses. Commend the research article where it should rightfully be supported and do not hesitate to point out where it is lacking. Remember to remain unbiased when writing the research article analysis. Finally, do not forget to properly cite your sources because doing so is important.

Writing a research article analysis is really not that hard. All you have to do is educate yourself on the research paper you have to analyze. Familiarize yourself with it and find other sources that support or oppose the research paper’s claims. Once you are confident enough in your knowledge about the topic, you can start analyzing the research paper without feeling on edge.

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