A few tips to help you write a great essay

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Jun 22, 2018

H ow many times have your professors left question marks or clarifications on margins of your essays that you were so sure were perfectly written? And how many times have your grades suffered due to minor mistakes on grammar or citation? Regardless of the number, surely it’s feedback you don’t want to see in your essays again. To write a great and clear essay, sometimes you need to ask for help from professionals.

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Who you can ask for help?

The best people to ask for help in writing your essay are those you can trust. These are people who are will willingly help you write your essay and give you genuine feedback and suggestions. But they should also be familiar, if not experts, in college essay writing or academic writing. They should have knowledge of how to write academic essays, as well as citing sources.

Ask your friends’ thoughts

Your friends are the first persons you ask for help in your personal life, so why not ask them for help in your essay, too? Although they are not experts yet, your friends can offer you fresh perspectives on your essay. Chances are, you are already comfortable exchanging ideas with each other, so constructive criticism should come easy. Your friends, with their fresh eyes, can point out any unclear points or loopholes in your arguments. If they are familiar with the subject matter, you can then brainstorm together to improve your line of argument. Perhaps the best help your friends can offer you is with language. As the writer of your essay, certain mistakes may be difficult for you to spot. This is where your friends will come in handy. They can help you weed out any grammatical and typing errors and awkward sentences. They can also double-check your citations for you.

Approach your mentors and professors

Your mentors and professors are experts in the academe, and more importantly they are dedicated to helping you reach your full potential. They can, and will, certainly help you write a great essay. Your professors and Teaching Assistants know the ins and outs of the topic of your essay, so they know if your essay is headed in the right direction, and if it’s not, they can point you to the right one. If you’re having trouble understanding a concept or conveying an idea, they are the best people to ask questions to. They can further enrich not only your understanding of your topic, but also the quality of your essay.

Reach out for expert help

Schools and universities now have writing centers that have a variety of resources on how to write a great essay. They are also equipped with staff members that can give you tips on how to write eloquently, and ultimately, write an amazing essay.

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