Choosing a topic for argumentative essay

You can write about anything under the sun, but if you want a successful argumentative essay you need to have a compelling topic.

How to write an article critique

Critiquing an article is only possible after reading and understanding. It's a skill that can be acquired.

Most common types of essays – “What essay?” no more

To learn about the type of essay you are about to write is the key to fluidly transferring your thoughts through your pen to your paper.

How to write a good thesis statement

The thesis statement is unlike any other sentences in your essay. A strong thesis statement will make your paper amazing.

Basic literary terms

A literary analysis requires you to break down the story into its different elements and analyze what they mean. Whether you’re analyzing a novel or a poem or a play, you need to know the basic literary terms and what they mean.

A tip to help you write a great essay

To write a great and clear essay, sometimes you need to ask for help. Read on to find out who to consult about academic writing.

How to cite quotes

Putting quotes in your paper is not just a matter of copying and pasting what your sources say. Rather, there are standards to follow.

How to title an essay

The title partly determines how your essay will be remembered by the reader. A great title contributes a lot to an essay's overall success.

How to write an analysis of a research article

Writing a research paper is one thing, writing an analysis of a published research paper is another, and it can be overwhelming at times. Worry no more! These tips are here to help.

On Writing: The Difference Between Critical Analysis And Summary

Although a summary and a critical analysis are closely related, their difference is outstanding. Learning their difference will help you write that essay well.