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How to write a cause and effect essay

Cause and effect means reason and result. More or less the same goes with the essay, but with structure.

How to evaluate sources

A credible source will make your essay more persuasive. Knowing how to evaluate potential sources will make research quick and easy.

How to write flash fiction

Short but powerful, flash fiction is hard to write. But once mastered, it can be pleasantly challenging.

How to write an expository essay

Setting aside all elements of emotion and personal opinion, the success of an expository essay depends heavily on relevant information and analysis.

Dissertation 101 – The first stage of writing an undergraduate dissertation

Your dissertation should not be written in blood, sweat, and tears. It should be written with gusto, powered by curiosity and determination.

The differences between a research paper and a dissertation

Dissertations and research papers require you to do the same thing - to research, but through different processes.

How to write a descriptive essay

Let the colors fly and bring your subjects to life in your descriptive essay through the five senses and the power of descriptive language.

How to write a persuasive essay

Unconventional in its approach, writing a persuasive essay requires that you use emotion as your primary tool.

How to write a compare and contrast essay

A compare and contrast essay compares two things or ideas by discussing their similarities and differences. It's easier than you think!

Choosing a topic for your research paper

Deciding on a topic for your research paper can be a long process, but you can shorten the task by taking note of our tips in this article.

How to write an article

An article doesn't just contain relevant information. It holds the power to influence and change the reader's perception and opinion.

Great hooks for your essay

The hook grabs the reader's attention. It should be brief, but creative and informative. Do you want to know to achieve this?

How to write a poem

Appeal to the reader's life experiences, emotion, and humanity. That's what a great poem is capable of doing.

How to write a speech

A great speech captivates the audience, captures their attention, and leaves a lasting impression.

MLA formatting 101: How to cite a poem

Got a poem to cite? Show of your research writing skills by citing that poem properly according to MLA citation style.

How to write a literary analysis

A literary analysis is specifically meant for discussing literary texts, such as novels, short stories, poems, and plays.

How to write a movie review

Writing a movie review is one challenging task and there's more to it than just watching, understanding, and knowing.

MLA formatting 101: The Paper

The final step to writing your essay is formatting the paper, which needs meticulous attention to details. We have listed down all the details you need to know when formatting your paper according to MLA style.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Having to convince your reader to agree with you may seem complicated at first, but trust us, it's easy as 123.

How to write a research paper

Writing a research paper is not difficult if you are prepared, and here are the steps to nail your research paper.

How to write a reflective essay

A reflective essay is a meaningful assignment which takes more than just expressing your thoughts.

How to write a conclusion for an essay

Cap your essay with a well-written conclusion by keeping in mind the purpose and goals of a concluding paragraph.

How to write a reaction paper

A reaction paper, sometimes called response paper, should fully express everything you feel about a particular work.

Beautifying language 101: Literary devices

Ever sat down and realized that the million dollar question about Peter Piper is an alliteration?

Choosing a topic for argumentative essay

You can write about anything under the sun, but if you want a successful argumentative essay you need to have a compelling topic.

How to write an article critique

Critiquing an article is only possible after reading and understanding. It's a skill that can be acquired.

Most common types of essays – “What essay?” no more

To learn about the type of essay you are about to write is the key to fluidly transferring your thoughts through your pen to your paper.

How to write a good thesis statement

The thesis statement is unlike any other sentences in your essay. A strong thesis statement will make your paper amazing.

Basic literary terms

A literary analysis requires you to break down the story into its different elements and analyze what they mean. Whether you’re analyzing a novel or a poem or a play, you need to know the basic literary terms and what they mean.

A tip to help you write a great essay

To write a great and clear essay, sometimes you need to ask for help. Read on to find out who to consult about academic writing.

How to cite quotes

Putting quotes in your paper is not just a matter of copying and pasting what your sources say. Rather, there are standards to follow.

How to title an essay

The title partly determines how your essay will be remembered by the reader. A great title contributes a lot to an essay's overall success.

How to write an analysis of a research article

Writing a research paper is one thing, writing an analysis of a published research paper is another, and it can be overwhelming at times. Worry no more! These tips are here to help.

On writing: the difference between critical analysis and summary

Although a summary and a critical analysis are closely related, their difference is outstanding. Learning their difference will help you write that essay well.

How to write a personal narrative essay

A personal narrative essay is your way of giving the reader a glimpse of a past experience. Make it engaging, colourful, and interesting.

How To Write An Essay

Writing an essay can be overwhelming, which is why we have prepared a guide to help you write a better essay.

How To Choose A Good College Essay Topic

Choosing a good topic for your college essay doesn't have to be difficult. These tips should help you find the right topic for your paper.

How to avoid cramming for the exams

Cramming is a hard habit to break and it's psychologically and physically unhealthy. Breaking the habit of cramming is the first step towards better time management.

Choosing a major in college

Choosing your major in college is a decision that should not be made in a hurry. Your choice should be the result of all important factors.

Tips to avoid procrastination in college

Don't procrastinate in college. You waste more time and sacrifice results because of poor self-organization.

How to write a great college scholarship essay

Writing a good scholarship essay is not an easy task. Our author will pinpoint a few pieces of advice on how to write an effective scholarship application paper.

Common App Essay Prompts for 2018-19

This year’s seven essay prompts received great reviews from admissions professionals.

Tips For University Success

A great post with general advice on how to succeed in a college environment.

Ultimate 19 Tips For Successful Report Writing

How To Write A Captivating Law Essay Like A Pro: Full Guide