Making a PowerPoint presentation

The key is knowing what to put in the Slides and Notes and following the guidelines of effective layout and design.

Can the thesis statement be a question?

The purpose of the thesis statement is to answer a question. However, can the answer be in the form of a question?

How to write a creative essay

One of the joys of creative writing, crafting a creative essay is an exercise of both memory and vocabulary.

Controversial Issue

Writing about controversial issues is quite a task especially if you’re unsure where you stand. Know where you stand first

How to write an essay about yourself

There are tons of essays or other writings that you will have to deal with as you go along your schooling, and this one is the easiest to handle.

Choosing A Topic For A Persuasive Speech

Choosing a topic is the first step to writing a persuasive speech. What do you want to talk about in your speech?

Education Levels

While educational systems around the world have hugely improved, only a few are considered most exceptional and world-class.

How necessary is college education?

Higher education does not always guarantee success. But it's hugely instrumental to finding security and stability in today's society.

Qualities of classic literature

Not all literary works are equal. Classic literature are set apart from other literary works for a number of reasons.

Can You Use His Or Her In Formal Essays?

The problem with his and her, and all the other pronouns, is the tone of bias it brings to the paper - making it best to just not use them at all.

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