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Jan 9, 2020

Most people use YouTube for listening to and discovering music, watching travel vlogs to satisfy their wanderlust thirst, or even turning some views and likes into coins . It is a platform to all things new, trendy, and procrastination-inducing. While our words to describe may earn a few snorts and smirks, there is actually an entire side of YouTube you may never have even considered. As a free platform (and a massive one, at that), there are subjects existing within it that can actually teach you important things - things like school lessons, life truths, and some of those pesky quadratic formulas. With hours and hours of videos uploaded each minute, it can be a challenge to sift through all the content and decide which of them would be most beneficial to you. To be entirely honest, though, the right mix of these YouTube channels for college students might be able to teach you more than what the four corners of your classroom setting can.

More than valuable academic lessons, plenty of these channels focus on improving one’s self-esteem, confidence, and even empathy. In any case, still, these YouTube channels for college students can still supplement the classes you are already taking. Learning never stops - we certainly value that, which is why we have created this ultimate guide containing the best YouTube channels for college students.


YouTube Channels for College Students

You may already be aware of this gem of a YouTube channel, but it deserves to be mentioned. If you are not, however, do not worry. CrashCourse is the go to for many students, college or otherwise, especially if they find a specific subject too difficult to deal with at the moment. Some use CrashCourse to help them catch up with their grades, as they have dedicated their channel to explaining the most complex of concepts in the simplest of terms. It is even perfect for a little advanced studying should you wish. Courses involve the big guns like physics, chemistry, computer science, physiology & anatomy, and world history, down to those subjects that just pique your interest like games and current events. They also have room for the arts, of course. You will perhaps find everything you could possibly need in there. If your books and readings just will not cut it anymore, then it is time to consult CrashCourse!


YouTube Channels for College Students

According to their description section, the Improvement Pill YouTube channel should be taken like a multivitamin, specifically targeted to your mind. The channel is dedicated to conveying important ideas to people craving for and willing to change. Their content motivates, inspires, and teaches - anything that can help you introduce change in your life, essentially. John C. Maxwell once said, ““If you want something in your life to change, then you’ll have to change your choices and actions. That is because doing the same thing will never get you different results.”  The YouTube channel name already speaks for itself, and their description even more so. As you dig through, though, you will find that Improvement Pill does not just preach change and be done with it. Their video courses will force you to rethink your reasoning power and perspective - introspection is not for the faint of heart, and their ideas only work for those who really want change. If you are all for self-improvement, especially since it is a new year, subscribe to Improvement Pill. Quite unconventional, but definitely deserving of a spot on this list of the best YouTube channels to watch for college students.


YouTube Channels for College Students

TED is another big name. It is not only a YouTube channel, but an entire nonprofit organization that has devoted itself to conveying ideas, which usually comes in the form of short and powerful talks. It is an international community, where they organize various conferences and events around the world to reach people. They teach many different subjects, which includes the simplest everyday matters, to global issues, and even medicine. Their main goal is to make great ideas accessible, thereby sparking conversation that will never end. Their approach usually involves a speaker, the presentation, and the audience. With this, the best of the best from TED Talks are features in their YouTube channel. They usually invite the best “thinkers” from around the world, so if you are looking for an extra helping of inspiration, TED channel is the best one on this list of YouTube channels for college students.


YouTube Channels for College Students

How to Adult is one of the YouTube channels for college students you should keep an eye on. Come to think of it, college courses never teach you things about adulthood, which is why plenty of graduates suffer from shocks upon entering life after college . How to Adult features what they dubbed to be “adult worries” each month, which can be about relationships, taxes, finding your career path, finances, cleaning, and even taking care of your mental health . Wide variety of topics is readily made available to the audience, catered to what you need help with at the moment. The duration of the videos are just about right, running from 10 minutes to 15, making them easy to understand yet very insightful.


YouTube Channels for College Students

Gathering from the channel’s name, Keep Productive is a YouTube channel dedicated to productivity. There are plenty of tips to avoid procrastination out there, but the idea of actually following through remains to be difficult. Keep Productive is part of this list of YouTube channels for college students for its sheer goal - to help you become more productive. Their videos explore many different techniques, apps, and websites that become tools for your journey. Their tutorials have been made informational and concise without being boring, as you will still find them interesting. If you are a student stuck in a pile of deadlines - trying to write an argumentative essay while designing a PowerPoint and practicing for a debate - then take a look at this channel! Find out which productivity tool suits you best!


YouTube Channels for College Students

Khan Academy is another popular one on this list, and for good reason. Khan Academy, based from its name again, is essentially a study tool. They began making video content about mathematics, which is perhaps one of the trickiest subjects out there and the reason why many look for ways on what to do after failing a subject (math, in this case). Now, their channel covers science, history, and plenty more subjects you may need help with. Like with CrashCourse, this channel is dedicated to supplementing your courses, helping you stay on top of things!


YouTube Channels for College Students

You may already be aware of this name, as we have previously featured him on our post “Best Podcasts for College Students ”, where he goes by under the podcast channel called College Info Geek. The YouTube channel has the very same name, and has over 1.4 million subscribers. Here, he produces not only content about certain subjects but how to learn them in the most effective way possible. He uploads videos on time management, study habits, preparing for finals week, and avoiding procrastination. 


YouTube Channels for College Students

This channel proves that what you already know about motivated will not just cut it - turns out, you simply do not know how to be motivated properly, regardless if it works or not. It can still improve and help you become better. It is one of the best YouTube channels for college students as it inspires you to not only be better, but become stronger and faster. They feature a series called “Study Motivation”, where a compilation of the most successful speeches are contained. The motivational speech topics are best to listen to in the morning, as it helps you prepare for the unfolding of a great day, courtesy of you. They also have topics that talk about the hard truths, such as our excessive use of our phones and our romanticization of putting others first before ourselves. It is a breath of fresh air from all the academics, as it focuses on your being as a person, and not only as a student.


YouTube Channels for College Students

John Marty’s YouTube channel is dedicated to students who do not know what to do after college , but are looking to achieve a great career and landing a fulfilling job. His video content focuses on tools students can utilize to help them look desirable and marketable in the perspective of recruiters and potential employers. There are insights on how to build an effective LinkedIn profile, as well as c ommon interview questions and how to nail them . He also addresses resumes and how students can optimize their chances through these. His content is definitely those who are fresh off their togas and suffering from existential crisis, as his videos will help you get back on track.

YouTube is a plethora of platform that features good content creators, and we are lucky to finally have access to such commodified information. The only thing left to do now is to check all of these YouTube channels for college students and finally start learning!

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