Stranger Things 3 Theories That Are So Good They Have To Be True

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Jun 17, 2019

Nothing ever happens in small towns, the folks always say, but Hawkins Town, Indiana in Stranger Things will never stop begging to differ. With the menacing Upside Down world existing literally just opposite of it, monsters roaming free around town, and people equipped with boggling mind powers, fans just cannot sit still anymore. Thankfully, Stranger Things 3 is just around the corner, set to be released on the 4th of July . People are truly in for one heck of an adventure, with the gang now coming back as teenagers, and the sinister Mind Flayer still at large. With everything that’s happened, fans have turned to the process of coming up with theories, which one can argue is the heart and staple of all fandoms, as demonstrated by Game of Thrones theories . Trying to put the puzzle pieces together, the internet is swarming with speculations, and we’ve gathered some Stranger Things 3 theories so good they have to be true: 

Stranger Things 3 will premiere on the 4th of July. Are you ready?

If Your Name Starts With B, You are Dead

Strangers Things does not shy away from killing prominent characters. The curse, as people have dubbed it, seems to be after all those people whose names start with the letter “B”. Barbara was the first victim, Nancy’s best friend. Her death scene on the pool was one of the show’s most frightening scenes ever. And Bob’s death, Joyce’s boyfriend in Season 2, completely took us off guard. Just when we thought everything is going to be fine, those Demogorgons got him. Now fans speculate that the next one on the list is Billy – and they back this up by a scene from the trailer. In it, Billy is seen in the shower trying hard to alleviate a nasty infected bite. Following that, Netflix released the official title of each episode, and - yes, you guessed it - one is entitled “The Bite”. A blob of a monster with countless limbs and fangs was also featured in the trailer. Could this be Billy after that horrible bite? If you ask me, that definitely deserves to be a part of Stranger Things 3 theories so good they have to be true – cannot wait to see it happen!

Here Comes Nine and Ten

There is Eleven, of course, the very first test subject we know of. Judging by her name and countless newspaper clips, we have always been under the impression that there are more of others like her out there. Season 2 confirmed this with the introduction of Eight, also known as Kali. Her powers are quite different from Eleven, though, as while Eleven can make things move with her mind and walk through time and space, Eight can get into your head and create illusions. Fans speculate now that there are others that are large, all wanting revenge on the man who took away their lives and turned them into lab rats. Human experiments Nine and Ten can be part of this brand new season, and fans are on the edge, making this part of Stranger Things 3 theories so good they have to be true. Could they be the key to destroying the Upside Down once and for all?

Papa Never Left

Season 1 showed us that the evil Dr. Brenner’s story, or “Papa,” as Eleven knows him, came to an end when the Demogorgon got him. In the following season, we see him again as an illusion, and then was later revealed that he might not be dead after all. Season 3 promises the return of the Mind Flayer, much stronger and more menacing this time. But what happens after they finally defeat it? Fans speculate that this might signal the return of Dr. Brenner. The last of his science experiments cannot just be what he has done with those children. With a mind like that, this man is capable of anything – and we will find out soon enough!


What is That, A Rat?

The show’s production wasn’t shy on utilizing rats on their promotional materials. They made it on the official poster, as well as the big trailer. What could these little creatures have to do with anything? Due to the seemingly big role they have to play, fans turn to the idea that these rats could be bringing something dreadful to the rest of the town, like the Bubonic Plague that broke out between 1347 to 1351 in Europe and Eurasia. With episodes entitled “The Mallrats” and “The Bite”, fans are convinced that this is one of those Stranger Things 3 theories so good they have to be true. With these rats in mind, a Hawkins Zombieland is not far off, do you not think?

Hawkins Zombieland

The scariest thing about the Upside Down is that it has always been there, existing in the most threatening way possible. Time and time again scenes have been added to make us feel that it is just waiting to strike. No matter how far you try to push it, it will bite back. This season, fans theorize that it has finally found a way to infiltrate the town - we all know that those tunnel roots did not work last time. Time to infect the people, the Mind Flayer probably figured, and what better way than through those rats, right? We are not sure just how the gang will beat it this time, knowing that is has infected most of the people they know and - gasp – probably even our beloved Steve! The trailer shows him being injected with something on his neck. One thing’s for sure: those trailers are not doing us any good!

Love Dove, Love Not

Now that the love birds Eleven and Mike, along with Luke and Max, are officially couples, what happens to the gang now? Multiple scenes have been shown that depict some sort of falling out. Dustin and Will seem to be alone now more than ever, but Will has been affected the most, spending two seasons under the mercy of the Upside Down. As they move forward with life as teenagers, love, school essays, potentially the thought of college, and bringing down a monster on the loose, just how much can one summer change?

The Soviet Attack

People speculate that the Russians have a bigger role to play this season, as they have always been part of the series. You must remember, this is set in the 80s, during the height of the Cold War . This strong historical background makes it part of those Stranger Things 3 theories so good they have to be true, backed with an entirely new lab concocting experiments in the trailer. Fans believe that they will reopen the portal that connects Hawkins to the Upside Down, making the Mind Flayer’s attack on the little town more sinister than ever. With Russians and monsters to worry about, how will our gang fare?

Fans await the Battle of Starcourt Mall, where our gang will once again face the threat of the Upside Down.

Warzone: Starcourt Mall

The Starcourt Mall is Hawkins’s new attraction, and the townsfolk flock it. We have already seen Max and Eleven enjoying it for a little girls’ day out. Our beloved Steve is featured in it, as apparently, he landed a job in an ice cream shop, donning a sailor suit. With the amount of effort put into the iridescent Starcourt Mall, it wasn’t a shocker that the final episode was named “The Battle of Starcourt”. Fans actually speculate that the Starcourt Mall was made to cover up the Soviet lab underneath, making it a strong candidate to Stranger Things theories so good they have to be true. As you can recall, the Hawkins Lab was a massive building with a ton of energy around it, making it the perfect breeding ground for a portal to the Upside Down. The Starcourt Mall holds the same features, only it’s now masked as a mall. Hawkins Laboratory was a gamble, with its formidable structure hauntingly eerie to look at. It is easy to speculate that horrible things must be happening in there, but who would ever suspect a mall, right? 

With all these questions and loose ends, it is no wonder fans are antsy and eager to finally get the show started. All these concocted Strangers Things 3 theories so good they have to be true just goes to show just how much dedicated these fans are. There’s so much left to do; monsters both human and subhuman waiting to be finished, homework to do (that can be done by homework help services !), friendships to mend, and love blues to conquer. With the sleepy little town façade, who would have ever known, huh? 

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