100 Best Motivational Speech Topics

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Oct 3, 2019

Preparing a motivational speech is one interesting, rewarding, yet challenging task. You must first subject yourself to persuasive essay writing before being able to deliver a motivational speech. In order for a motivational speech to be successful, you must possess the essentials to be able to influence others. Finding the courage and inspiration to motivate others is difficult in itself, for how can you motivate others if you are not motivated yourself? So, you must always remember that every word you put on your motivational speech must come from the heart—the primary key to a successful motivational speech is sincerity. 

100 Best Motivational Speech Topics

100 Best Motivational Speech Topics

If you are having a hard time looking for topics to use in your motivational speech, you might want to take a look at this list:

Social and Environmental

In the face of climate change and conflicting opinions, there is a need to for these best motivational speech topics in order to foster unity and progress.

  1. Words that can mend broken bonds and deepen relationships—thank you
  2. The joys nature can bring us—physical and mental health
  3. Getting peace of mind with the help of your environment
  4. Dealing with the challenges of contemporary life as a family
  5. Helping your children be in closer contact with nature while growing up
  6. Being children’s role model in different aspects: professional, personal development, etc.
  7. Importance of balancing social life and extracurricular activity for academic achievement
  8. Why supportive teams and environments are important in achieving your goals
  9. Importance of establishing honest communication with your children throughout their lives
  10. The importance of patience & silent observation
  11. Exposing children to role models such as successful people
  12. Encouraging and showing children charitable acts they can imitate
  13. Strengthening marital bond through more open communications
  14. Letting go of friendships that did not work out
  15. The art of healing through letting go


Youths of the 21st century take immense pride in their ability to withstand pressure and stress. Here are the best motivational speech topics to choose from if you need to appeal to the emotion of those with low self-esteem.

  1. The balance between always striving to do better and setting realistic expectations
  2. Real life stories regarding character development—focus on internal factors which helped the person change
  3. Having courage to stand for what you believe despite all the negativity you get (see photographer Boniface Mwangi’s story)
  4. Learning to live beyond limits
  5. Living for your resumé vs. living for your eulogy
  6. The beautiful side of knowing you’ll die: Being fearless on trying things you never imagined you’ll do
  7. What to do if you don’t have a “one true calling”
  8. Getting strength and power from your own vulnerability
  9. A graceful life for a graceful death: A talk for terminally ill patients
  10. The importance on learning emotional first aid
  11. Building confidence and helping others to do the same
  12. How a smile can change you
  13. Subjecting yourself to slightly uncomfortable situations for greater outcomes
  14. Appreciating your raw energy and beauty
  15. Loving yourself: When to know if it is healthy or unhealthy
  16. The truth about life and living
  17. Seeking your purpose in life
  18. Being honest about your own mistakes
  19. Accepting your social and financial status
  20. The joys and consequences of standing out in the age of social media


What is success? Is it financial stability? Or emotional security? Or state of mind? Whatever your interpretation of success is, it is of paramount importance that you use it to continuously get better and be a positive influence to people around you. Here are the best motivational speech topics apropos of the subject:

  1. Measuring your success
  2. Stories of Billionaires: Why failure is necessary before succeeding
  3. Winning vs. Succeeding: What should we aim?
  4. Success is a new journey
  5. Perspective is the key to success
  6. The beauty of being in the second place
  7. Why you still succeed when you lose
  8. Success disguised as failure
  9. Getting inspiration from the people around you especially your support system
  10. Why losing is necessary in order to succeed


If you are in college and pondering what the future holds for you with respect to your career, browse over these best motivational speech topics. Who knows? Maybe your speech can positively influence the lives of students and even professionals who are apprehensive about their career trajectory. 

  1. Facing failure in finding your career path
  2. What should you aim for, winning or succeeding?
  3. The unavoidable necessity of bending some rules in your workplace
  4. The importance of sleep in being able to perform well at work
  5. The best place to learn how to do your job is outside the workplace
  6. How passion will change the way you look at your job
  7. How compassion will lead you to success and how it will create a happy working environment
  8. The importance of using your day off wisely
  9. The art of balancing work and personal life
  10. Why it is sometimes good to let your close workmates into your personal life
  11. Trusting your intuition and being confident about your creative ideas
  12. The importance of happiness in productivity
  13. Profit vs. Sustainability: Why we must focus more on sustainability
  14. The story of Coca Cola’s inspiring charitable movements
  15. Investing in social change for more sustainable business


In this life, nobody is spared of pain. It is part of the ebb and flow of existence. You would not be yourself had it not been for past pain, no matter how traumatic. Here are the best motivational speech topics to overcome pain and use it to your advantage. 

  1. The worst phase in your life can make you the best version of yourself
  2. Thanking your past
  3. Surviving a suicide attempt
  4. Embracing the pain and letting it go
  5. Facing your worst nightmare
  6. Selecting what you must face and what you can ignore
  7. The surprising serenity at the edge of life
  8. The only way when you are down is up
  9. How to keep moving forward when nothing is getting better
  10. Accepting an unforgiving life


Arguably the most agonizing emotion, grief is enough to make anyone plunge in an abyss of depression. The wound will surely heal, but the scar will remain. These best motivational speech topics are best delivered or intertwined with eulogies  

  1. Playing video games as a form of coping mechanism
  2. Choosing the best dog breed for your apartment as a form of coping mechanism
  3. Finding friendship from parents suffering the same grief
  4. Finding meaning in loss
  5. Remembering the good memories with a smile
  6. Making the most of it: Stories of terminally ill children
  7. How nature can help you let go
  8. Crying as way to release burden
  9. Using your sadness as a fuel for your character development and using your deceased loved one as an inspiration
  10. Forgiving yourself for not making up with the deceased before their death


Majority of the populace ignorantly associate addiction with immorality. It is not; addiction is a medical condition and the antidote should be medical in nature. It is high time that an insidious myth is debunked. Here are the best motivational speech topics that will best serve people currently battling addiction.

  1. Intelligent regulation vs. War on drugs
  2. Addiction is a disease and addicted people should be treated as patients
  3. They key to overcoming addiction is having a loving environment
  4. Preventing addiction on its early stages
  5. Why self-support is important when overcoming addiction
  6. What it feels to support a loved one suffering from addiction
  7. The truth behind addiction
  8. A guide to supporting a person suffering from addiction
  9. Accepting your addiction as the first step in curing it
  10. How to win yourself back from addiction


Is artistry inherent in people? Is it nature or nurture? Very appropriate are these best motivational speech topics in further stoking the creative flames within budding artists. These are best delivered at art exhibits, writing workshops, and schools.  

  1. Giving more attention to your imagination
  2. Why you should write a dream journal
  3. Do schools encourage or kill creativity?
  4. How creativity can start in a simple children’s play
  5. Why you must continue creating despite being rejected multiple times
  6. Getting inspiration from unexpected events
  7. Nurturing your creativity
  8. Encouraging children with their creativity
  9. The confidence in delivering impromptu speeches
  10. Painting as a form of healing and meditation

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