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Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Barack Obama—what do these prominent historical figures have in common? They each made their mark, not simply for being great leaders, but for being great orators. They have given some of the greatest speeches in history that inspired and mobilized thousands. And, years later, people still remember and recite their speeches.

The output you make for a class or a family event may not be as historically significant but it can still inform or touch other people. For this reason, your work should be well-written and engaging, no matter how short or informal. You must have a lot of questions now about what is a speech, how to write a great speech, or how to prepare for this project. Let us address those questions!

What is a speech?

Technically, speech is the act of communicating one’s thoughts through spoken words. We do it every day, usually when engaged in a conversation with one or more other people. However, this term also refers to the act of speaking about a particular subject in front of an audience. In this context, the speaker is expected to do all the talking. Thus, they are expected to have written their output beforehand, but they are also expected to keep the audience interested in what they have to say.

Speech writing is a common academic task regardless of the student's course or field. This is because the ability to write a speech is a basic writing skill that can be used in any field of study.

What are the different types of speeches?

There are different types of speeches. The type of speech you will deliver typically depends on the context in which you will deliver it.

  • Informative . As the name suggests, an informative speech is one that aims to inform the audience of a concept or theory. Usually, informative works are used to convey complex ideas into simpler, easy-to-digest information.
  • Demonstrative . A demonstrative speech is similar to an informative speech in that it aims to convey new information to the audience. However, a demonstrative piece is more specific in its topic as it aims to show to the audience how something works.
  • Persuasive . A persuasive speech is where the speaker states their position on a topic and then proves their stand using arguments and evidence. The goal of a persuasive piece, like writing a persuasive essay, is to convince the audience to agree with them.
  • Entertaining . Entertaining speeches are more informal than the first three types. These are usually given at family events where you celebrate a person or a couple by sharing anecdotes or expressing emotions. Graduation, motivational, and impromptu typically fall under this category.

Knowing the type of work you will deliver will help you narrow down your topic and tailor your approach to the topic of your work. If you need inspiration for topics, check out our list of persuasive speech topics, motivational speech topics, or impromptu speeches.

Speeches vary depending on the purpose of the speaker. Informative and demonstrative ones are often used in seminars and lectures. Persuasive ones are often used by politicians during elections. Entertaining works are common in various events, such as congratulatory speeches to graduates, newlyweds, or birthday messages.

Who can write my speech?

If writing is not your forte or you don’t consider yourself a particularly good speech creator, you may find this project writing trickier than a simple essay. You might ask, “how do I write my speech?” You do not need to make life more difficult. Simply ask CustomEssayMeister to write your paper. CustomEssayMeister offers custom speech writing services on top of its essay writing services. CustomEssayMeister’s writers are capable of writing any of the four types of speeches on any topic. You can count on experienced writers to write a great introduction that will endear you to your audience, and know how to present information or arguments in a logical and organized way, while also keeping the audience engaged.

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Delivering a great, memorable speech is anchored on a well-written paper. There are certain rules and techniques that the greatest speakers follow. CustomEssayMeister’s writers are aware of these and will deliver a piece that not only contains the characteristics of a great piece but also meets your expectations.

  • 100% unique . Like CustomEssayMeister’s essays, speeches are all unique and written especially for each client. No two clients will receive the same speech. Even if you are not worried about plagiarism, you can guarantee that your speech is as unique as you! Do you want a joke at the beginning of your piece? Or perhaps an inspirational quote? Your speech will be written based on your preferences as well as on the purpose of your speech. With us, you can be sure that you will receive an original paper every time you ask us to “write a speech for me.”
  • Clarity & conciseness . These two are indispensable when it comes to speeches. In this project, your audience will be listening instead of reading, so certain types of sentences, such as lengthy sentences, are to be avoided. Your piece will be easy to digest and entertaining to listen to.
  • Affordability . With CustomEssayMeister, you will get an infallible service for affordable pricing. Client satisfaction is the company’s priority, so aside from ensuring top-notch quality, first-time clients are entitled to a 10% discount, while our long-term clients enjoy a loyalty discount of 10% or higher (terms and conditions apply).
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