Interesting Presentation Topics for College Students

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Alex Ponomarenko
Sep 23, 2019
Interesting Presentation Topics for College Students

Interesting Presentation Topics for College Students

Have you ever sat through a boring presentation? It’s not uncommon to be an audience of a presentation which forces you to daydream, scroll through your phone, or even sleep. Having to go through it yourself, you fear that one day you might have to deliver a presentation and your audience will have the same reaction. 

College is a time where you can hone your writing skills and other abilities in hopes that you find a specific strength. Among those skills are public speaking and presentation skills. They are particularly important because many professors require their students to present topics to pass their classes. Your presentation skills will be assessed by how you speak and how well you disseminate the information you share to the audience. Developing your presentation skills will come in handy in the future when you are finally in the professional field. Keep reading if you want to provide a way out of the Death by  PowerPoint Presentation syndrome for your audience.

There is a broad selection under the presentation spectrum you can choose from in the instance your professor lets you decide a topic on your own. Having this kind of freedom can be difficult if you cannot decide or think about what you want to discuss.

How to choose an interesting presentation topic

Much of your presentation will be carried out by the topic you choose, making it a crucial part of the preparation. It’s essential to have a topic that is best suited for you.

  • Choose a topic that you know.   Presenting a topic that is not in your domain of expertise will not be easy, so do not put yourself through that kind of difficulty. Your topic should be something you are passionate about and will not give you a hard time to put your message across. In this way, it will be more likely for you to spark your audience’s interest.
  • Choose a topic that suits the occasion.  The topic should be appropriate for the occasion. If it’s an academic presentation, then it should be educational. Avoid topics that are controversial and goes against the scenario and audience.
  • Choose a topic that suits your audience.  Engage with your audience by choosing a topic that’s widely-known and invites their curiosity. You can do this by examining the demographics of your audience. If you are going to present in a class, then chances are you will have an audience that is mostly college students and your professor. Find something your professor and your classmates will generally enjoy hearing about, and draw inspiration from that. 
  • Choose a topic that fulfills the presentation’s purpose.  If you intend to persuade and entertain, then choose a topic that can fulfill that purpose. You want your presentation to leave a lingering thought on your audience, and if so, then your presentation has done its job.

What Makes a Topic Interesting

What makes an interesting presentation?

A good presentation does not solely rely on the topic to be good. You might struggle with your presentation if you find yourself not that confident with public speaking. In preparing and delivering a presentation, here are some notes to consider to make it more interesting and effective without worrying too much about stage fright and speaking in front of a big audience.

  • Design your presentation and use infographics.  Your PowerPoint Presentation should not be solely words on a screen – be creative and add a bit of art into it. Channel your inner artist and spend some time on making your presentation as attractive as possible. Of course, it’s also important not to overdo it with so much color to the point of incomprehension from the audience’s perspective. Use infographics and images when you deliver key points of your discussion to make it even more informative and professional. 
  • Be eloquent by using simple words.  Using adequate words will not only benefit you but also your audience. Utilize the words you already know how to pronounce and use to make your presentation smoother and more understandable. Avoid using highfalutin words which your audience probably will not even understand. 
  • Dedicate time for questions and discussions.  Presentations are not merely for you to talk, but also to discuss among your audience. If your audience is immersed in your presentation, they will likely have questions for you. Be prepared to answer those questions and participate in an evocative conversation. Know your topic well, and this will be easier for you. 

A list of presentation topics

If by now you still have no clue what topic you will use for your presentation, then allow us to give you a bit of inspiration and prompts to get you started. Here are topics you might want to use with your presentation:

Science and innovation 

  1. How efficient are self-driving cars?
  2. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence
  3. Is time travel possible?
  4. What does the image of a black hole mean for astronomy? 
  5. The possibility of other life forms in space
  6. The revolution in the field of robotics 
  7. Developments in human cloning
  8. The myth and miracles of the Bermuda Triangle
  9. Continuing benefits of the internet and the world wide web
  10. The reversibility of climate change

Academic presentations

  1. Pros and cons of online school
  2. The different forms of disciplinary action in high school
  3. The varying educational system in Asian countries
  4. How involved should parents be in a student’s education? 
  5. The convenience of smartphones as a tool for learning 
  6. Economic burdens of student loan debts
  7. Balancing work and college
  8. How to find a job for you after college?
  9. Should a career in acting require a college degree?
  10. Student budget strain and how to manage it


  1. Best movies to watch on Netflix
  2. Oscar-worthy movies of 2019
  3. The influence of musicians in other industries
  4. The timeless music of the Beatles
  5. White Boy of the Month: Twitter’s most favorite young actors
  6. YouTube Vloggers and Instagram Influencers as the new wave of celebrities
  7. Disney’s pursuit of live-action remakes.
  8. Should celebrities be qualified to run for office?
  9. Transwomen’s participation in Miss Universe competitions
  10. Is CGI overhauling Hollywood movies?

Art and literature presentations

  1. Art for art’s sake: is art mirroring reality?
  2. American rapping as a form of poetry
  3. The complexities of abstract art and how to understand it
  4. Controversial sculptures 
  5. Art exhibits around the world 
  6. Virginia Woolf’s stream of consciousness – is it an effective storytelling method?
  7. Should books have movie adaptations?
  8. Is music and art important to society?
  9. The best medium for reading books – physical books or eBooks?
  10. Social media as a faster way of spreading art and music

Health and lifestyle presentations

  1. The benefits of a high fiber and protein diet
  2. How to take care of your mental health
  3. Is a vegan diet good for you?
  4. America’s obesity problem and how to solve it
  5. How can gym memberships help you lose weight?
  6. Is it time to drop smoking?
  7. Fun ways to eat fruits and vegetables
  8. Healthy benefits of a drinking water
  9. Will running help you remain fit?
  10. Is depression and anxiety stopping your productivity?

Sports presentations

  1. Good tennis shoes for casual and sportswear
  2. What are the benefits of being a sports active person?
  3. Much-awaited 2020 Summer Olympics and who to look out for
  4. The bad effects of performance enhancers and steroids in athletes
  5. The best protein supplement shakes in the market
  6. An athlete’s meal plan
  7. Is cheer dance a sport?
  8. Unhealthy and healthy competition among athletes
  9. Do we need to say good-bye to crowd heckling in sports?
  10. Should gym class and sports be mandatory in high school?

Environment presentations

  1. How can big industries contribute to lessen carbon emission?
  2. All the countries involved in the Paris Agreement
  3. Plastic alternatives to help the environment
  4. How can tree planting affect food security
  5. Sustainable energy sources that can phase out coal

Controversial presentation topics

  1. Pro-life or Pro-choice – your stance on abortion
  2. Is Divorce necessary?
  3. Death penalty for heinous crimes
  4. Laws against discrimination on the basis of sex
  5. Is institutional racism still existing?

Presentation services for college students

Hopefully, thinking of a topic will be the hardest part of the process and the rest will be easy enough for you. If you finally have a topic you enjoy, the ideas will finally flow into you. But, if you do not feel like writing and preparing your presentation because of the overwhelming coursework you have to do in college, use our service and our presentation writers who can make a Powerpoint presentation for you . We provide services that will cater to your needs as a student. We can also help you proofread and edit your work. If you come to us for help, you will be assured all you need to do is stand in front and deliver your presentation. You can contact us  here for any inquiries. 

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