Working Your Way Through College

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Sep 19, 2019
Working Your Way Through College

There is no denying that college is expensive and not every student is from a well-off household. Some find it hard to pay for their college tuition, books, and additional costs. Student loans can only cover so much of college expenses, and somehow students end up paying for it well into their adult life. Because of this many students begin to work on campus or as a freelancer just to have enough money to get by. Studying and working are hard to juggle, especially if you want to excel at both. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury to choose one over the other. To finish college, they have to get extra income to pay for their own education, without depending too much on their parents. 

What are the benefits of working while in college?

We need to understand why working in college is a viable option to get through the most crucial part of educational attainment. If you believe you are someone who needs to work to earn extra money, then maybe these whys and wherefores can provide further clarification for you to pursue a job while studying.

  • Working in college can help you avoid debt. It will help you reduce the amount of money you have to loan to pay for college. The more you earn the less you have to borrow. Student loan debt will be difficult to pay back and it can hold you back from buying a home or starting a family long after you have graduated. So, getting a job will prevent you from having to be burdened with so much debt when you finally graduate.
  • Working in college is a supplementary experience.  Nowadays, even if you just recently graduated from college, some companies would prefer if you have some sort of job experience. So, if you are going to work while in college, look for a job that is suited for you and your chosen career path. Some internships pay and can turn into a full-time job if the company liked how you perform. 
  • Working in college can get you employee benefits.  Some companies offer full-time benefits for their employees if they work 25 hours a week. These benefits include health insurance, tuition assistance program, vacation, and sick leaves. You can take advantage of these benefits as it might be helpful for your well-being and how you manage your stress.
  • Working in college will cultivate your time management skills.  If you work while studying, chances are you will not take time for granted. You will always be on the move and every minute counts. You will learn to manage your time and adapt more quickly to changing environments. This skill will help you adjust to the real world easier once you graduate college. 
  • Working in college will help you manage your finances. Besides learning to manage your own time, you will also learn how to manage your money and how to save it . You will learn how to allocate your finances accordingly for the bills, transportation costs, project dues, and even for the occasional self-indulgence. You may also have enough money saved in case of emergencies.
  • Working in college will expand your professional network.  While working, you will likely be surrounded by professionals, including your boss. Make sure you build a connection with them through your job performance and rapport. By doing so, those people might be able to help you with opportunities outside college if you find out some of them have connections with big names in your field as well. Networking will broaden your horizons beyond the academic landscape.

How to Balance Work and College

How to balance work and college

Some people boldly claim that working while studying is not for the faint-hearted, and they are not wrong. It will demand so much of your time and attention, leaving you less time for other activities you enjoy. You will find it difficult to balance work and college. It isn’t ideal to have more than one challenging priority in a week, but if economic restrictions prevent you from having a college life free from money problems then there’s no other way around it but to take on a job while studying. Regardless of how much stress it entails, you just have to get used to it and allow yourself to adapt. Take a look at these tips on how you can make college and working less straining as possible.

  1. Keep a strict schedule. Your schedule should accommodate both work and study. Make sure you do not compromise one in favor of the other. Set aside a specific time each day to do coursework  or study. If your workplace is lenient enough to allow you to do a bit of studying while on duty then take advantage of that opportunity, but if they do not then solely dedicate your work time for work. Mapping all your activities makes sure you have enough time to accomplish everything you need to do before the day ends.  Use a planner to help you organize your schedule easier.
  2. Your workplace, school, and dorm should be near each other. Having all these key areas near each other saves you the travel time and hurrying from one place to another. The more time you have at your disposal the better. In the instance that you are suddenly called to work or there is something you forgot at your dorm that you need to bring to class, then it will be an easy walk from point A to B. Make it easier to navigate your world as a working student by keeping it small and accessible. This may also give you more time to rest after class or work because you do not spend too much time traveling.
  3. Get a job in your field of study with a schedule suitable for you.  Not everyone has the luxury of choosing a job they love that at the same time pays the bills, particularly if they are just in college. If an opportunity presents itself and a job suddenly becomes open for you to take with good pay and is within your expertise, then take it right away. Work opportunities like these present themselves as internships . There are companies that are sympathetic towards working students and will let them plan a suitable schedule. If you are looking for a job to get paid with cash and not just experience, then opt for programs that offer a salary to interns.
  4. Choose a major you enjoy.  All the pressure should not be placed on choosing the perfect job while studying. Also, ensure that what you are studying in college is something you want to pursue so it does not incur too much stress on you. Your interests should be aligned with your major. It is better to study something you are eager to learn about, so it becomes a passion rather than a chore. 
  5. Use the resources available to you.  Since you practically live two lives – a student and an employee – you should make the best out of both opportunities. Many companies offer lots of benefits for their employees, like health insurance. Meanwhile, universities offer online resources and other support to their students. Use those to your advantage and make sure you do not disregard your health and well-being for money.  
  6. Be aware of your capabilities. It’s okay if you think you cannot do as much as you want to do in a day. Acknowledgment of that truth is key to maximizing the limited time you have. Do not push yourself too much, and give yourself room for mistakes. Know your limits and learn when to say no to a workload or coursework, if possible. Say you are grouped together with a team at work or in class and there is a division of work among group members, politely explain to them your situation. You can only hope that they’d understand and give you less work but equivalent contribution. Give them your schedule. That, along with a detailed and honest explanation, should be enough. You will not always do things right and in time, especially if you are caught between work and studying.
  7. Dedicate time for your personal life.  Not only are you a student and an employee, but you are also human. You are allowed to feel tired and worn out. Give yourself a break every now and then, and allot time for self-indulgence. This break will give you a chance to recharge and gain back energy. You can use this time personal time to sleep in, watch movies, read books, or simply do whatever you love. Hopefully, this will keep a balance between work and studying, and help you manage stress.
  8. Get a support system and do not be afraid to ask for help. Let your friends and family know about what you are experiencing. Allow them to help you by letting them hear you out. They might be able to give you some sort of assistance and take some weight off your shoulders. It can be in the form of emotional, physical, or financial support.

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