Best Podcasts for College Students 2019

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Alex Ponomarenko
May 14, 2019

Best Podcasts for College Students 2019

College life is one hectic blur – there are a lot of things going on, and most of the time you have no idea what time it is. There are requirements to submit, essays to write, school activities to attend , and of course, plenty of textbooks to read. Adding another book to that endless pile will make anyone cringe. It is important, especially for a college student to foster growth outside of the academic life. How does one do that with a lengthy to-do list, and tired eyes almost shutting from reading too much? Listening can aid with that. Podcasts are basically audio tracks of a conversation between a host and a guest speaker, much like on the radio, or can be monologue of a single person sharing thoughts. best podcasts 2019 This an amazing way to learn something new, since listening can allow you to be busy doing routines - be it exercising, cooking, or simply enjoying downtime. Topics of these tracks can be anything. They can be educational podcasts, podcasts about college life, or simply humor. This guide takes a look at some of the best podcasts for college students. No need to hit that search bar to type “best podcasts for college students 2019”, as this guide is up-to-date, guaranteed to help you explore which podcast is right for you.

What are the best educational podcasts?

The best podcasts for students are those that mix in education in the fun. Around 30% of the population learn best when listening, and podcasts are a great way to catch up to your classes and even learn in advance!

  • Hardcore History

Hardcore History is considered as one of the most well-known podcasts for students. Made by Dan Carlin, this show functions almost like an audiobook, considering its production value and research quality. Most of his recent episodes have been rolling for almost five hours, but tuning in won’t be a bore. The secret towards Carlin’s success lies with his passion and variety. He has a knack for making any topic sound interesting, but also picks the most fascinating but ignored stories about our history. New episodes are hard to come by, but you will have plenty of material to course through!

  • Radiolab

Being one of the most popular, Radiolab prides itself as a “show about curiosity”. The hosts feature topics ranging from facts about brain injuries, down to stories about real people. Episodes are produced masterfully and feature many guests depending on the topic. They are experts on each subject, and even people who have witnessed real events are present for interviews. 

  • TED Talks Daily

TED Talks is mostly known for their videos, but they are just as good in audio forms. Here you’ll find such diverse content, ranging from science, to politics, and inspirational podcasts 2019

  • The Podcast History of Our World

History can be incredibly boring, and most students find themselves dozing off 10 minutes into history classes. This is where college podcasts in history come in handy, because The Podcast History of Our World not only talks about history, but inspires your appetite for it. That could really come in handy battling off that sleep.

  • Brain Science

Brain Science is by Dr. Ginger Campbell, teaching you how our brains work. According to the show, we are by far the only organisms in the universe that currently study themselves, including the brain. There is still so much to learn about it, and the mere fact that you’re reading this now is a mystery. Tune in to this podcast if you want to be up to date with neuroscience, including hearing the voices of renowned neuroscientists around the world.

  • Rationally Speaking

Rationally Speaking is by Julia Galef, the co-founder of Center for Applied Rationality . Here, she tackles rationality, heuristics, and cognitive science. Digging deeper, Galef and her guests also talk about biases, utilitarianism, and the significance of people learning how to be rational.

Best Podcasts For College Girls 

Being a woman in society is a tough job. There is inequality still lingering - in the subway, the workplace, and the streets. Despite the feminist revolution in 1848, there is still a long way to go. Whether you’re a woman, or an ally of the movement, a college podcast is the best place to go and to learn more about its roots.

  • Another Round

This is an award-winning podcast which focuses on gender, race, and pop culture. Another Round is hosted by Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton, created by The Pod Squad from an all-women team of Buzzfeed. It encompasses relevant issues and interviews of well-known authors, civil rights activists, and even politicians. There are also other topics covered alongside the serious ones. Prepare yourselves for a ton of booze and witty jokes. great college podcasts

  • Being Boss 

Being Boss is a podcast dedicated to creative entrepreneurs. This focuses on tips for female business owners, from habits to tactics to lifestyle. Being Boss is hosted by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, and highlights actual bosses who made things happen and built business they adore. There are also “ minisodes ” which focuses on the importance of rest, basking in happy hour, and immersing in passion projects. Being Boss takes pride in the fact that it’s more than just a show, it’s a community that gets people together through meet ups, live hangouts, seminars, and even vacations. podcasts for entrepreneurs

  • The Broad Experience

The Broad Experience is by the journalist called Ashley Milne-Tyte, which explores culture, race, glass ceilings, as well as women in the labor force. It features thoughtful discussions with influential guests, as well as personal stories of women. The show also explores why many women, who, despite high ambition, don’t reach their full potential as opposed to their gender counterparts in their careers, including how the concept of motherhood affects that. 

  • Stuff Mom Never Told You

Stuff Mom Never Told you was made by the people of How Stuff Works, which wishes to address everyday curiosities and the truth about the business of being a woman. This show is hosted by Emilie Aries and Bridget Todd, and is well-known for being research-driven . It covers feminism, womanhood, and everything relevant about being a woman in between. Gender issues can feel dry and instructional when addressed, but this show banks of a friendly and factual discussion of such issues. Catch latest episodes every Wednesday and Friday.

  • Invisibilia

Named after the Latin word for “the invisible things,” this podcast is a “glimpse of a world you can't see”. Invisibilia is a show ran female hosts and award-winning journalists, such as Alix Spiegel, Hanna Rosin, Lulu Miller, and many other guests. They explore the invisible forces that help shape human behavior through tackling stories with psychology and science. No matter the length - long or short podcasts for students - this show will blow your mind and see things in a way you haven’t thought of seeing before.

Podcasts About College Life

College is essentially a chaotic season of your life, where some days work out, and some days you’d just rather go down the drain. It would be nice to have a survival guide book of some sort, but unfortunately those things do not exist. They may, however, come in the form of college advice podcasts, which can help save your college existence.

  • The College Info Geek Podcast

This show is dedicated to helping students learn and improve in all areas of life , something which school doesn’t really teach you. Here, you’ll learn how to study more effectively, learn how to be more productive, and get some tips to become a better job candidate. geek podcast

  • Listen Money Matters

Student loans , debt, and financial literacy should be a program in college, but it isn’t. Listen Money Matters takes care of that, where it dedicates the entire show to helping you become financially free and capable. Advice on renting vs buying a home, investing, and the possibility of working on the side for extra money are tackled. This is perhaps one of the most relevant podcasts for college students.

  • You Are Not So Smart

Created by David McRaney, this podcast shows challenges your confidence on things that have no rational basis, or can simply just be wrong. This show will, guaranteed, change your mind, exploring issues like irrationality and overconfidence, which are fundamentally detrimental to our growth as human beings. This is one of the best college podcasts that will keep your feet rooted to the ground.

Learning does not have to be boring – it comes in many different forms such as podcasts. Connect with real people, and listen to them as you go about your daily activities, and still learn! These are just some of the best podcasts for college students, but there are plenty more out there for you. CustomEssayMeister is a premium provider of academic ghostwriting services.

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